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Kristen Bell’s Approach to Golden Globes Prep Is as Adorable as You Would Expect

Kristen Bell has a lot to be excited about at the 2019 Golden GlobesThe Good Place is nominated for best musical or comedy television series, and Bell is up for best performance by an actress for her role in NBC’s charming series about the afterlife. But judging by her Instagram post ahead of the show, there’s something else Bell is pretty forkin’ pumped about: room service.

Mere hours before the big show was set to begin, Bell posted a series of photos on Instagram showing herself (and husband Dax Shepard in the background) hanging out in a robe in her hotel room, chowing down on some delicious dish.

“I can’t remember exactly, but I’m pretty sure the rule is to eat as much as humanely possible before squeezing into a formal dress. Right?” Bell joked.

And that isn’t the only down-to-earth, behind-the-scenes glimpse Bell gave fans of her Golden Globes preparation. Via her Instagram, Bell took fans along for the ride — and did some serious myth-busting regarding the perception that it’s all glamorous.

Prior to getting dressed, she shared a photo of her dreamy gown hanging on a set of closet doors, with potential shoe options lined up beneath. “So many options. So many blisters,” she captioned the pic.

Meanwhile, in her Instagram Stories, Bell showed a stylist literally sewing the Spanx underneath her gown to the gown itself (presumably to prevent any slip-ups or peekaboo moments). In another Stories post, she explained, “When you have the hands and the knuckles of a 12-year-old Playstation addict, you have to shrink them in order to get these bejewels on them. So sometimes you have to stick it in a bucket of ice to shrink your big ol’ knuckles.”

She also revealed exactly how she and Shepard spent the hours leading up to Golden Globes go time, explaining in another Story that the two of them were wearing “matching jammies that make us look like we busted out of a mental hospital” while Shepard played “with a fascinating 6000 lumens flashlight.”

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Image: kristenanniebell/Instagram. Kristen Bell/Instagram.

“We. Know how. To party,” she added.

Oh, and did we mention she also had someone tie her diamond bracelet together with fishing line? Gotta love her. Golden Globes nominee (and possibly winner!) or not, Bell always keeps it real.

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