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One Bachelor Season 23 Contestant Faked an Australian Accent to Stand Out

Season 23 of The Bachelor hasn’t even premiered yet, and we’re already willing to claim that we’ve seen the wildest moment from the first episode, maybe even the whole season — and that’s saying something after the dramatic trailer we saw in November, which promised plenty of hijinks. On Friday, a clip was released of one Bachelor contestant faking an Australian accent during her initial meeting with Colton Underwood. The whole moment is truly next level, so you’ll just have to watch it for yourself.

The clip, which was tweeted out by The Bachelor‘s Twitter account on Thursday, shows contestant Brianna (who apparently goes by Bri) getting out of the limo during the meet-and-greet portion of the premiere and confidently striding toward Underwood. After saying her name, Underwood seems to pick up on her accent, saying, “You’ve got a nice accent. Where are you from?”

Totally cool and calm and collected, Bri replies, “The accent, it’s Australian. I was hoping that you’re kind of a sucker for accents.”

Underwood tells her that he is indeed a sucker for an accent, and she replies, “I didn’t know what you’d think about it.” Then Underwood tells her he loves it and sends her into the Bachelor house.

The camera then quickly cuts to a talking head interview with Bri, where she has dropped the fake Australian accent. Way to throw Colton a truly amusing curveball, Bri.

Bri’s initial commitment to the Australian accent raises a few questions: Will she ever tell Underwood the accent was fake? Will Underwood catch her in her lie? Will she just commit to using the accent during her time with Underwood and the other Bachelor contestants? We need answers ASAP.

Fans got a real kick out of the clip, reacting with lots of funny GIFs and comments on Twitter.

We’ll just have to see how this all plays out when The Bachelor premieres on Monday at 8/7c on ABC. Until then, our heads are going to be spinning from this hilarious sneak peek.

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