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The Golden Globes 2019 Moments We Can’t Quite Get Over

A Sunday falling during the first three months of the year typically means one thing — it’s award show time! This year’s season kicked off with none other than one of the hugest annual Hollywood events, the 76th Golden Globe Awards, which honor the best in TV and film from the past year. Nope, Tommy Wiseau didn’t grab the mic and Oprah Winfrey didn’t get a standing O (see what we did there?) for a powerful speech, but there were still plenty of 2019 Golden Globe highlights and surprising upsets that will forever define the star-studded night.

With Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh taking on hosting duties, fans were already expecting an interesting evening. But what they got was that and then some.

Sandra Oh & Andy Samberg’s complimentary monologue

Did you think these two would bring the snark? You would be wrong! The funny duo decided to roast the audience the only way they could — by showering them with compliments.

“It’s weird. Gina Rodriguez is here…,” Oh joked, sounding like she was about to get all shady on the Jane the Virgin star. “Because last time I checked, she resided in heaven.” In addition to praise for big names like Michael B. Jordan and Amy Adams, Samberg told Jeff Bridges he wishes Bridges were his dad. Boom!

Oh also took time to get serious in the show opener, emotionally acknowledging how Hollywood is changing for the better when it comes to representation and diversity.

Sandra Oh’s parents stole the show

Not only did Sandra Oh win for Killing Eve and cohost the big show, her parents — who got a shoutout while watching their daughter from the audience — became totally unexpected fan favorites throughout the evening.

The extra-inspiring speeches

Winners like Glenn Close, Patricia Clarkson and Regina King all used their wins to take a moment to inspire the crowd.

Emma Stone’s apology

“I’m sorry!” Emma Stone was heard yelling from her seat after Oh mentioned that “[Crazy Rich Asians] is the first studio film with an Asian American lead since Ghost in the Shell and Aloha.” Stone’s Aloha casting famously received backlash when she portrayed a quarter-Chinese, quarter-Hawaiian character.

Amy Poehler & Maya Rudolph

These two need to be invited to everything from now on.

Carol Burnett wins the night…

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Ladies and gents, please welcome the inaugural recipient of the Carol Burnett Award for lifetime achievement in television… Carol Burnett! What? Who else were you thinking?

…& Steve Carell brings the funny

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Carell introduced Burnett before she came up to accept her honor, bringing the house down with a tribute fit for an icon.

“She is funny and gracious and kind. She is, without a doubt, one of the most revered, talented and well-liked people in show business. It’s been said that she makes Tom Hanks look like an asshole. I didn’t say it, but it has been said!” Carell quipped to a roar of laughter (and a bleep from the censors).

A star is snubbed?

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The upset of the evening for many Gaga fans: not a lot of love for A Star Is Born. While “Shallow” came out victorious in the best original song category, Lady Gaga lost to Glenn Close for best actress in a drama, and the best dramatic picture trophy was awarded to Bohemian Rhapsody. Does this spell change ahead for the Oscars?

The curious case of Harrison Ford’s earring

Harrison Ford usually wears an earring. The Hollywood heavyweight appeared to be missing said signature earring. Cue hoards of eagle-eyed tweeters who couldn’t help but notice this tiny detail.

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