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Nikki Bella Reveals She Still Has Feelings for John Cena in Total Bellas Teaser

Breakups are hard, especially when they take place in the public eye and then get rehashed months later when they air on reality TV. For Nikki Bella and John Cena, who reportedly ended their engagement for good in July, moving on may be proving harder than expected. In fact, Bella admits she still has feelings for Cena in the Total Bellas season four teaser trailer, as revealed exclusively by People on Thursday.

The new trailer, which teases a major WWE comeback for both Bella and her twin sister, Brie Bella, also gives plenty of hints about familial and romantic drama in the upcoming Total Bellas season. In one clip, Ronda Rousey disses Nikki, saying, “The only door you ever knocked down was the door to John’s bedroom.”

Then the camera cuts to show Nikki and Brie chatting at home, where Bella confesses, “It’s confusing, because I’m still in love with him.”

However, lingering feelings for Cena don’t mean that Nikki isn’t trying her best to move on. According to the Total Bellas season four teaser, she goes on a few first dates in the new season, including one with The Bachelorette alum Peter Kraus. When she admits to him that she hasn’t kissed anyone but Cena in nearly a decade, Kraus seemingly leans in for a kiss, though we don’t actually see them lock lips.

Of course, as noted above, Total Bellas chronicles happenings in the Bella twins’ lives months after they actually occur. In October, Nikki told People magazine that despite Brie setting her up on a few dates — which Brie said would be shown on Total Bellasshe wasn’t quite ready to jump back into the dating game.

“Honestly, I’m so not interested. I’m just not ready yet,” she said, adding, “I’m trying to heal, and I’m not healed yet.”

Meanwhile, the new Total Bellas trailer also teases drama for Brie and her husband, fellow wrestler Daniel Bryan. Although the Bella twins are all about the WWE in these clips, at one point he asks, “Ten weeks of chaos. How do we do this with [Brie and Bryan’s daughter] Bird?” Later, he asks another important question: “Did you tell them [presumably the WWE] that we were trying for a baby?”

Whatever happens this season, it’s sure to be a doozy based on these moments alone. Total Bellas season four premieres Sunday, Jan. 13 at 9/8c on E!

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