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The Bachelor Season 23 Premiere Will Include 2 Special Guests

With just one week to go until Colton Underwood makes his debut as the next Bachelor, ABC is gearing up for a truly epic season to kick off 2019. In fact, the two-hour Bachelor season 23 premiere features two special guests who just so happen to be one of our favorite couples in Hollywood: Nick Offerman of Parks and Recreation fame, and his wife Megan Mullally, who plays the iconic Karen on Will & Grace.

On Sunday, Mullally took to Instagram to announce the big news with a selfie that included Offerman and Underwood. In the caption, she explained what she and her husband were doing posing with the next Bachelor, and we won’t lie — we’re all kinds of excited about it.

“Oh wait, why are nick and i in a photo with the new #Bachelor Colton Underwood?” Mullally captioned her photo, “because we’re on the m’f’in’ SEASON PREMIERE on Monday, January 7 #8pm PEOPLLLLLLE. it doesn’t matter.” She also admitted that she did a little meddling when she and Offerman were on set: “did i secretly tell the villainess not to be the villainess, it’s not worth it? I MIGHT HAVE. did she appear in any way affected by my words? SHE DID NOT.”

Mullally admitted that she, too, wasn’t sold on Underwood as the new Bachelor at first, but after meeting him in person, she can confidently compare him to the likes of her husband’s former Parks and Rec costar Chris Pratt: “look, is Colton, who i didn’t really get before, incredibly tall and godlike in person, like a @prattprattpratt superhero? YES, HE IS. do i now get it? YES, I DO.”

Mullally repeatedly tried to keep her cool despite her obvious gushing, like when she noted, “Listen, the main thing is, we’re on it, we got to talk to Colton and a bunch of the girls, we got some inside scoop from the producers, and it’s NOT A BIG DEAL. Everybody be cool.”

However, she admitted in an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live in August that she and Offerman are both hardcore members of the Bachelor Nation fandom, so playing it cool may have been difficult.

“Nick Offerman, I hate to shatter everyone’s, you know, illusions, but Nick Offerman watches the entire Bachelorette franchise with me, including Bachelor in Paradise,” she told Kimmel. “He did not watch Winter Games because he was out of town, but I did.”

If it wasn’t clear before this point, Mullally is a Bachelor Nation member with strong opinions about that various stars and pairings that have happened over the years. She’s gone on the record to say she isn’t a huge fan of Becca Kufrin’s fiancé, Garrett Yrigoyen, and made her own prediction for who would be the season 23 Bachelor: Blake Horstmann, who obviously wasn’t chosen for season 23, though he was in the running before Underwood was announced.

As for exactly what she and Offerman will be doing in the premiere, aside from asking some questions and giving fans a look into what’s to come, we can’t be sure, but we are very excited. Whenever Mullally and Offerman are involved, only good things can happen.

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