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Dwayne Johnson Bought His Mom a House for Christmas, & Her Reaction Is Priceless

Just call him jolly ol’ Saint Rock. Or “Dwanta.”

On Saturday, Dwayne Johnson took to Instagram to reveal that he gave his mom, Ata, a very special gift this year: a house. And not just a house — any house she chooses. In the sweet video reveal shared by Johnson, Ata is overcome with emotion as she reads a card from her son. After regaining her composure, Ata exclaims to her granddaughter, Jasmine, 3, “I get a brand-new house!”

In the accompanying Instagram post, Johnson explained how significant home is to his family — and why.

“This one felt good,” Johnson wrote. “All our lives growing up we lived in little apartments all across the country. Lived like gypsies on the road from one state to another.”

In fact, says Johnson, the first actual home his parents ever lived in was the one he bought for them in 1999. But when his parents divorced five years later, “things got a little complicated,” he explained.

Since then, Johnson has worked hard to make sure that both of his parents have everything they need (he memorably bought his dad a new Cadillac SUV in March). However, he calls this particular gift to Ata “very meaningful.”

“I told her to treat this card like it’s ‘Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket’ because she gets to choose any home she wants — anywhere she wants. I always say, if you got a good mama, then you gotta pretty good shot at becoming a decent human being. And somehow, somewhere along the line, I became one lucky SOB to be able to make stuff like this happen,” Johnson wrote.

Johnson is known for his generosity all year round, but he certainly seems to get a twinkle in his eye over being benevolent during the holiday season.

On Christmas Day, he shared a video of himself welcoming special young fans to the set of his film Hobbs and Shaw, costarring Jason Statham. His guests — PJ, Cameron, and Lucy — made the visit in conjunction with the Make A Wish Foundation, Rays of Sunshine Children’s Charity and Starlight Foundation.

Introducing the kids to the rest of the cast, Johnson said, “We are lucky to play heroes. They are really like superheroes because they’re super, super strong.”

He then showered the kids with gifts, saying in the video, “Stuff like this is easily the best part of my fame.”

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