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Jennifer Lopez’s Daughter Performed a Sweet Song With Alex Rodriguez’s Kids

J.Lo and A-Rod seem to be raising some up-and-coming singers of their own. Jennifer Lopez’s daughter performed a song with Alex Rodriguez’s daughters, complete with ukulele accompaniment, and Lopez shared the adorable moment via an Instagram video on Thursday. And though the scene seems to be a fun one, Lopez can be heard offering the girls breathing advice as they perform an acoustic cover of Elvis Presley’s 1969 hit, “Can’t Help Falling In Love.” Perhaps these three are could someday be on their way to forming the next big pop band.

In Lopez’s video, Rodriguez’s daughters, Natasha and Ella, perform alongside Lopez’s daughter, Emme, who is perched on an armchair. Natasha has a laptop, which may have the lyrics and notes for the song pulled up; she looks at the screen as she starts playing the song, before Emme and Ella join in. Ella appears to be holding a microphone of some sort, though she doesn’t use it in the video. Likewise, Emme keeps her own ukulele in her lap and leaves the instrument-playing to Natasha.

“Just a lil’ ukelele [sic] by the fire,” Lopez captioned the video, including the hashtags #beauties and #allihave. During pauses in the song, she can be heard reminding the girls to breathe between lines.

Throughout the holidays, Lopez and Rodriguez have both shared photos of their kids decorating and celebrating together. On Christmas Day, Lopez posted a slideshow of photos that showed almost the whole family in matching red plaid pajama sets; prior to that, she shared some sweet pics and videos of her son, Maximilian, decorating the Christmas tree with the rest of the family.

It seems music is a big part of this blended family’s day-to-day life, which makes a lot of sense. Rodriguez has gone on record about how much his kids love Lopez and her music, and Lopez’s daughter performed in a J.Lo-themed dance recital earlier this year. Rodriguez himself has long been a fan of his partner, so it’s especially sweet to see his kids taking up music, even in a casual, fun away.

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