Arie Luyendyk Jr. Tells Fans Why Becoming a Dad Is So Exciting

There’s a new Bachelor Nation baby on the way, and we can barely contain our excitement. It would also seem that dad-to-be Arie Luyendyk Jr. — who can’t wait to meet his child, as he revealed in a recent Instagram Story Q&A session — is just as excited as we are. On Wednesday, the former Bachelor answered several questions from his followers about his engagement to Lauren Burnham and their impending parenthood, with sweet photos to accompany his answers. What Luyendyk opened up about may make Bachelor Nation fans see him in a new light.

In addition to a countdown to the baby’s birth (Burnham’s due date is in May) and a link to the baby’s own Instagram account, which is currently being used to document Burnham’s pregnancy, Luyendyk also shared a sweet photo of Burnham at a recent ultrasound as well as a close-up photo of the ultrasound itself.

On the photo of Burnham at the ultrasound, Luyendyk said the most exciting thing about being a dad is “[s]o many things but mostly doing this together with her. I can’t wait to meet this little person that has already grabbed our hearts.”

He also confessed that the pair has plans to reveal the baby’s assigned sex on the upcoming Bachelor season 23 premiere and told one fan that news of Burnham’s pregnancy didn’t alter their wedding plans even a bit: “We were fairly certain everyone out there would be able to do the math… plus we aren’t ashamed, we are thankful,” Luyendyk wrote. He added, “And sooooo dang excited.”

Image: ariejr/Instagram.

Luyendyk also revealed that Burnham took several pregnancy tests to confirm their exciting news with a photo of six home tests spread on a table. He admitted that when they found out, “Honestly I had tears in my eyes and Lauren was in shock.”

Image: ariejr/Instagram.

According to People, Luyendyk and Burnham will officially tie the knot on Jan. 12 in Hawaii. The pair announced Burnham’s pregnancy via Burnham’s Instagram in November. Given that they are both active posters on the social media site, creating an account for their baby and keeping fans and followers updated on their parenthood journey on Instagram makes a lot of sense.

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Turnip it’s Christmas! My 17 week b-day falls on Christmas and I’ve been getting so many presents! So this week I’m the size of a turnip or a pomegranate! I like to think of myself as a turnip this week because I think of the leaves as hair and that makes me laugh. Yesterday Mom’s friend had a baby and we went to see him, don’t know if I’m looking forward to the whole birth thing yet but I have time to warm up to it. So if you’re wondering what I’ve been up to I grew a lot this week and now my little skeleton is forming from cartilage into bone and getting harder. I’m moving around more and more. Mom felt me kick for the first time and I’m planning on doing that some more, gotta stay active ya know? That’s all for now but I want to say Merry Christmas to everyone out there and talk to you next week 👋🏻

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On Christmas Day, the pair posted a photo of Burnham posing in front of their home on Baby Luyendyk’s Instagram, where they revealed that at 11 weeks, the baby is the size of a turnip and has started moving around and kicking, which are important and exciting milestones.