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Milo Ventimiglia Gushes Over Jennifer Lopez & Alex Rodriguez’s Relationship

Count on the man who portrays hall-of-fame TV dad Jack Pearson on This Is Us to spot another awardworthy partner. Earlier his week, Milo Ventimiglia commented on Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s relationship to Us Weekly, not only giving the celeb couple his seal of approval but singing Rodriguez’s praises as a partner to Lopez, who costars with Ventimiglia in the new movie Second Act.

“I met Alex before at different NBC events when I first met Jennifer. It’s nice to see a guy who is supportive of a very strong, powerful, talented woman,” Ventimiglia told the outlet of his perception of Lopez and Rodriguez’s relationship — but that’s not all he noted. As far as getting the chance to work with Lopez in the pair’s new rom-com, Ventimiglia admitted he “couldn’t be happier.”

“For everything that Jennifer has and is in terms of her music career, dancing show, film career, TV show, philanthropy — everything — when you are actually just talking to her, she’s a very easy going, normal human being that’s lovely to be around,” he shared. “When you’re there on set, she’s very present. She’s not somewhere else. She’s right there.”

And those aren’t the only kind words Ventimiglia has said about Lopez to date, either. Speaking with Entertainment Weekly in August, he insisted he wasn’t intimidated about filling big shoes as Lopez’s on-screen partner, given that some of her previous on-screen love interests include Alex O’Loughlin, Ben Affleck, Ralph Fiennes, Matthew McConaughey and George Clooney.

But the credit for making him feel confident was Lopez, revealed Ventimiglia, saying, “There actually wasn’t [intimidation] at all. And it was only because [Jennifer] is so welcoming, warm, and she’s right there with you playing this relationship that, on screen, is very real, and off screen is just camaraderie among artists.”

And while Ventimiglia didn’t feel anxious to slide into that role, he did feel a sense of “duty and responsibility” to make the relationship real out of respect for his and Lopez’s friendship.

That loyalty could very well have stemmed from Lopez’s dogged determination to get Ventimiglia in the role (she’s a This Is Us fan too!) — according to Ventimiglia, his initial call about the project was to inform him that Lopez only wanted him for the part.

After managing by some miracle to carve out a few days from his busy This Is Us production schedule, Ventimiglia made it to set and quickly realized any scheduling struggles were worth the hassle.

“Once I finally landed on set, she was the coolest, most hard-working, most naturally gifted partner out there,” he told EW. “We enjoyed ourselves. It was really fun.”

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