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Jada Pinkett Smith & Will Smith Make No Apologies for Being Extra About Christmas

Can we all just take a merry minute to appreciate the sheer unabashed joy with which Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith got their family into the Christmas spirit on Instagram this weekend? Will took to Instagram on Saturday to share just how excited he and Jada are about the holidays, first jokingly putting his wife on “full blast” for buying every Christmas light Costco had and hanging them in the living room. (Although, shout-out to Jada, because that living room is magical!)

Will then turned his attention to the couple’s kids — Willow, 18, and Jaden, 20 — along with Will’s older son Trey, 26, who was visiting home.

“Willow! Willow!” Will shouts before locating his daughter and trying to hug the holiday spirit into her. “Willow, it’s Christmas, come on.” Less than enthused by her father’s super-festive attitude, Willow playfully responds, “You’re crazy.”

When Will finds Jaden, he orders him to put on some Christmas clothes and put away his video game, stating, “I’m not liking your attitude about Christmas… y’all going to get into the Christmas spirit whether you like it or not.”

When Trey arrives an hour late, Will naturally makes him pick out a themed outfit to put on as well. And, well, we’re starting to see a pattern — especially when Will slips on a bright red and green Santa-face suit with a necklace of blinking, vintage-style Christmas lights. “This feels right for me,” he says, and it’s clear he has something specific planned for the festively dressed family.

Jada’s mom (and Red Table Talk cohost) Adrienne Banfield-Jones joins in the fun as the entire family gathers in front of the Christmas tree to create a living Christmas card. “From our family to yours,” they say in unison, “Merry Christmas!”

Don’t be mistaken, though — it isn’t just Will who gets carried away. In case the overabundance of Costco lights wasn’t enough of a hint, we’ll come right out with it: Jada’s a holiday fanatic, too.

On Thursday, she shared a video on Twitter showing a dreamy scene of snow falling gently… just outside the Smiths’ California home. “You know you are loving on Xmas a little too hard when you make it snow in LA so that the fam can shoot some Xmas fun for social,” Jada wrote.

And on Saturday, she shared a few exclusive previews with Ebony from Monday’s Christmas-themed episode of Red Table Talk.

In the sneak peeks, Jada further discusses her family’s affinity for holiday apparel. “One of my Christmas traditions is making sure everyone has Christmas pajamas that everybody has to wear X-mas Eve,” she reveals. “So that when we wake up in the morning everybody has on Christmas pajamas.”

As usual, Jada and Will are out there being goals… and, this time of cheer, spreading Christmas cheer in the process.

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