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Busy Philipps Cried Hysterically When Oprah Called Her, & We Totally Get It

We all love Oprah Winfrey, but we’re pretty sure that only Busy Philipps has a phone line dedicated exclusively to potential calls from Oprah. After months of that phone sitting silently on a shelf on Philipps’ Busy Tonight set, on Thursday, it finally rang! Winfrey called Philipps during a taping of her show, which brought Philipps to tears as they talked about Winfrey’s frequent garden harvest day posts and Philipps’ accomplishments as a female late-night TV host.

After the two women exchanged hellos, Philipps admitted when Winfrey asked about her well-being that the call prompted her to burst into tears. “I’m crying now and I have a cold, but I love you,” Philipps said.

“I’m just calling to make sure this doggone phone works,” Winfrey admitted. “It works! It works!”

“Oh my God, it does,” Philipps replied. “It does and it’s for you, Oprah, anytime you want to call. We can talk about whatever: harvest day or just, like, vegetables.”

The two women did, in fact, talk about vegetables. Winfrey typically posts about her garden harvests on her social media, especially Instagram, on Thursdays. Since she called Philipps on a Thursday, it wasn’t too much of a surprise when Winfrey said that she had just come in from her garden bearing “beautiful baskets of everything,” including “the hugest tangerines I’ve ever seen, really.”

Philipps visibly struggled to get her emotions in check as she asked Winfrey to post a photo of her tangerine harvest, noting that the harvest day photos bring her “a lot of joy.” Winfrey agreed, adding, “I’m so happy that you get joy from something that’s so natural, coming from the Earth.” Then she took the opportunity to heap some praise on Philipps, too. “I’m so happy that you’re on late night. It’s so good to see a woman on late night!”

“I’m never recovering from this,” Philipps said. The two exchanged holiday greetings and Winfrey invited Philipps to visit sometime. After they ended the call, Philipps asked her team of writers, “How do we recover from Oprah calling?” She said, “It’s just been a wild time in everybody’s lives. And that was really nice. I don’t know what to say. Yeah, in case anybody thought my Oprah thing was a bit… I’m not that good of an actress. I’m really not. That’s why I switched to late night.”

Philipps posted a photo of her “Christmas Barbie” ensemble on Instagram ahead of the broadcast, encouraging her followers to watch “especially if you want to know why I haven’t stopped crying for hours.” She also shared a clip of her phone call with Winfrey and then a series of photos of herself during their call, writing, “I. Have. Zero. Chill. (When it comes to @oprah).” She included heart and crying emojis.

At this time, Winfrey has yet to post a snap of Thursday’s tangerines, but we honestly hope that someday, she and Philipps will get to take a harvest day photo together.

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