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HBO Releases a GoT Season 8 Trailer That Features Celeb Fans Only

While fans anxiously awaiting the final season of Game of Thrones clearly would have loved a promo with some new footage, that’s not exactly what HBO delivered this week. The network did air a new promo — but there’s no Jon Snow or Daenerys Targaryen in sight. Rather, the one-minute video teaser features Jimmy of House Kimmel (better known as Jimmy Kimmel),  Lady Kristin of House Chenoweth (that’s Kristin Chenoweth to you and me), Lord Aaron of House Rodgers (aka football player Aaron Rodgers) and, our personal favorite, Ser T of the House of Pain (or rapper T-Pain).

Each celebrity sits on what appears to be a replica of the Iron Throne. Jokes Kimmel, “I’m thinking about getting one of these in my bathroom.”

Like any good GoT warrior, T-Pain tries to stake his claim, saying, “What I’ve done for the throne is be loyal. I named one of my albums The Iron Way.”

So, what gives with this star-studded teaser?

Well, leading up to the final season, HBO is encouraging fans to binge-watch GoT from the very beginning. Leading this charge will be Kimmel, Chenoweth, Rodgers and T-Pain.

“Now their watch begins. Join the conversation on @Twitter with @JimmyKimmel, @KChenoweth, @TPain, and @AaronRodgers12 as they Binge #ForTheThrone and start Season 1 this week,” HBO captioned the video.

Throughout their binge-watching journey, the four celebrities will presumably be tagging any interesting thoughts, observations or theories they have with the hashtag #ForTheThrone — and HBO wants GoT’s fans to do the same (or at the very least just follow along).

Although the network hasn’t given a specific day on which the eighth and final season of the show will begin airing, it has confirmed the last six episodes will start sometime in April 2019. And while that wait may seem agonizing now, it will hopefully be worth it.

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