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Carrie Underwood Politely Claps Back at a Mean Tweet About Her Song ‘Game On’

With all of the good things happening in her life right now, hardworking mom Carrie Underwood has no time for mean-spirited tweets that take aim at her music. Case in point: Over the weekend, Underwood wrote a polite Twitter response when she got dragged by Sports Illustrated producer and showrunner Jessica Smetana over her NFL theme song “Game On,” which now serves as the theme song for Sunday Night Football.

This whole hubbub began when the SNF Twitter account posted a compilation video of all the times throughout the football season commentator Cris Collinsworth would slide into the frame to discuss any respective game he was watching. The video makes no mention of Underwood, but that didn’t seem to stop Smetana from bringing Underwood into the conversation when she commented on the compilation video on Twitter.

Referring to the fact that reaction tweets to the Collinsworth video were being read on air, Smetana tweeted, “I love that NBC has been reading everyone’s Collinsworth slide tweets because it means they’ve also been reading all the tweets about how much we hate the new Carrie Underwood song.” What gives?

Shortly after Smetana’s tweet went up, Underwood hopped in to defend “Game On” and send Smetana a gentle retort over her needlessly shady comment, writing, “Hey, I know my music isn’t for everyone, but I love what I do and I love being a part of @SNFonNBC!  I am one lucky lady! I also love women who build other women up…just saying…”

Underwood continued her message of positivity, saying, “Today, let’s be positive. Let’s be NICE to each other. Let’s do something nice FOR someone else. Smile at a stranger. It’s the start of a new week! Today is precious! Don’t waste it! Sending love and cheer to you all!!! #LoveWins.”

Underwood’s sweet clap back seems to have worked, because Smetana quickly apologized for her initial tweeting, telling Underwood, “Omg wait no I love you I just miss the old song!!” while using a few crying emojis to make it known she was truly sorry.

Underwood didn’t reply to the tweet, but should she really have to? We’re in full support of Underwood’s comments on this one and are all for her message to spread the positivity and support to other women. That’s how it should be.

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