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The final four set…Caryn left out!

With the ladies outnumbering the men, why haven’t they taken control over this game? The obvious answer is that they’ve chose to be followers and not leaders. They allowed their destiny in the game to be controlled by Tom and Ian and not controlling the game themselves. Even when they had opportunities to oust at least one of the men, they chose not to. What is their problem? Are they afraid to be on the island by themselves? Hey, Janu and Stephenie did just fine. With a season of emotional rollercoaster’s, tested loyalties, respect issues and friendship tainted we’d expect life on the island to get better. But the ride gets worse.

Now to last nights show…

Night 33
The remaining five contestants returned back to camp after a shocking vote which sent Gregg home. Still a little bit in the fog, Jenn informed the team that she understood their decision and was ready to “Play the game.” Ian mentioned that although Jenn gave the impression that she was alright with Gregg being voted out, he knew she was fuming under her sweet demeanor.

Day 34
Sitting on the beach talking, Tom and Caryn discussed their next plan of operation. As Tom informed Caryn of Katie’s wavering and said he’d rather see Ian, Caryn and himself as the final three instead of Katie, Ian and Tom. Caryn agreed and wondered if Ian would be in agreement with that.

While Caryn and Tom talked on the beach, Ian, Katie and Jenn discussed their next move. The three of them agreed to knock off Tom providing that one of them won Immunity. Jenn asked Ian if he would be willing to take Tom out with a majority vote. Unsure of his decision, Jenn was surprised that Ian wouldn’t try to get rid of his toughest competition. Trying to be true to his word to Tom, Ian wrestled with the decision to take him out if he didn’t win Immunity. Caryn, on the other hand, felt optimistic about her conversation with Tom and making it to the final three with Ian and Tom.

Reward Challenge
Prior to returning back to camp with Tree Mail, Tom pulled Ian aside and mapped out their game plan for possibly being separated after the challenge. They both decided that in order to keep the girls from setting up an alliance to oust one of the men, if one of them (Tom or Ian) won the challenge, they would take one of the girls along instead of each other. This would keep the girls from plotting against them.

At the Reward Challenge, Jeff Probst showed the tribe mates what they would be playing for…A New Chevrolet Corvette convertible.

The challenge consisted of racing across the lagoon to five floating pontoons with five colored bags tied to each pontoon. Using traditional Palauan rafts, the tribe mates must race across the lagoon retrieve a bag and return it back to their box. Once they have collected all five bags they would open them to find five mileage markers representing the distance from Palau in miles to five cities. The first person to place the markers on the right cities wins the reward and would drive off in the corvette to a mansion located on a remote part of the island, where they would eat, shower and spend the night.

This competition was completely dominated by the men with Tom in control from the beginning. It didn’t take long for Ian to pull ahead of Tom and take total control. Having brought back all five bags, Ian untied his bags revealing the distance markers. Within Ten seconds, Ian had accurately placed all five markers with the correct cities to win the reward.

Making an agreement to take Katie on the reward, Ian chose to take Tom on his reward because he also promised Tom that if a car was involved then he’d take him. Driving away in the Corvette, Tom and Ian made their way to the mansion. At the mansion, Tom mentioned to Ian that it would be imperative, for their safety in the game, to bring Katie back into their threesome alliance.

Back at camp
A frustrated Katie told Caryn exactly what her and Ian’s plans had been (which is to stick together to the end). But she felt that Ian had now betrayed her by taking Tom on his reward. Katie finished by saying, “And I feel like I’ve lost my best friend out here.” Finally deciding to make a crucial move, Katie told Jenn and Caryn that the ladies should have made a move when the ladies had the numbers. As the ladies talked more and more, Caryn laid out some dirt that Tom had told her about the Katie/Ian/Tom alliance…information that Jenn did not know. Once that information was exposed, Katie continued to tell additional information about their alliance and give Caryn and Jenn a lesson in Strategy 101. She told them that she always stayed with the people who had the power and once that person lost the power, she would jump over to new power players.

Agreeing to take out either Tom or Ian, the ladies decided to form an “all-women” alliance.

Day 35
Returning from their reward, Caryn noticed Tom and Ian walking up the beach and ran to them like a “snitch” in grade school. Caryn nailed into Ian with one question, “Is it you, me and Tom or you, Katie and Tom?” Looking like a deer caught in headlights, Ian stumbled with his words, but said, “You, me and Tom.” Going back and forth with his words, Ian tried to reassure Caryn that because Katie wavered, she was not part of their threesome.

Trying to understand the temperament at camp, Tom asked Caryn to fill him in and she chose not to. Tom was very frustrated over Caryn’s decision not to give him any information.

Wanting to talk with Katie, Ian begged her to give him a few minutes of her time. Finally agreeing to talk, Ian told Katie that he promised on his medallion that he wouldn’t vote against her and that he couldn’t understand why she was turning against him. Katie was in tears as she told Ian that his lying to her made her loose the one friend she truly had on the island. It was a scene taken out of a Harlequin Romance novel. Ian really wanted to get back into Katie’s good graces, so he told her that if she wanted him to step out of the game, then he would do it.

Day 36
Walking through the woods to get Tree Mail, Tom asked Caryn if it was Katie’s idea about the “women’s-alliance”. Caryn told him that she couldn’t remember who brought it up.

Meeting Katie at the shoreline, Tom informed Katie that if she continued to flip-flop and one of the guys won immunity that she would be in trouble if she made it to the final two and that her only chance for making it any further in the game is to stick with their original alliance. Tom was a “Big Bully”…but very convincing.

Immunity Challenge
The Immunity Challenge consisted of making their way across a wobbly bridge, over a series of floating pontoons then they must navigate over a rope bridge where they would find a memory puzzle of 15 different images. The tribe mates must memorize the positions of the puzzle then make their way back across the course where they would find an empty memory grid. They must duplicate the puzzle. They can go back as many times as they need in order to get the puzzle correct. The first one to get the puzzle correct wins Immunity and guaranteed a spot in the final four.

Starting off very strong in the challenge, Tom and Ian took a large lead. Ensuring she had memorized all her pieces, Jenn placed all her pieces on the board, but did not raise her hand to get her board checked. Ian was the first to call for his board to be checked, but was incorrect. After having his board checked twice, Ian was still wrong, but Tom’s second check proved accurate as he was awarded Immunity.

Tribal Counci
It didn’t take a rocket scientist to understand the concept of loyalty in this season of Survivor. For the most part, the majority of tribe mates stayed true to their alliances. But at Tribal Council, things got ugly. Knowing she was potentially on the chopping block, Caryn decided to “clean house” and make sure the jury knew of all the plotting and scheming that had been going on at camp.

She exposed everything and really made herself look like a pissed-off groupie. In the end, Katie chose to stick with her original alliance and vote out Caryn. Caryn’s antics became a bit too much for the rest of the tribe mates to deal with.

Caryn became the fifth person on the jury.

With total domination between Ian and Tom, I believe that they will be in the final two with Tom coming out victorious in the end. Ian has been the one taking all the heat for him and Tom and I’m sure it will all come back to bite him in the butt before it’s all over.

Until next week…

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