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Jenna Dewan Supports Steve Kazee in His Love Actually Live Debut

When Tony award-winning actor Steve Kazee took the stage on Wednesday for his role in the inaugural production of Love Actually Live in Beverly Hills, two very special people were in the audience cheering him on: Jenna Dewan and her mom, Nancy Smith. Dewan was ostensibly there to support rumored new beau Kazee, and if People magazine’s report on Dewan’s time at the show is anything to go by, Dewan is currently Kazee’s biggest fan.

People reports that Smith was overheard telling a friend she’s been a fan of Kazee’s for years, which surely made it even easier for him to earn her stamp of approval after he and Dewan reportedly started dating in October. While Smith was overheard gushing, Dewan herself was spotted smiling, cheering, clapping and even giggling during Kazee’s performance, including when he stripped off his jacket to jump into a lake after some papers he was carrying blew into the water (which means Kazee is playing the musical version of Colin Firth’s character from the movie and to this, we give our seal of approval).

When the cast came out for curtain call at the end of the performance, People reports Dewan not only applauded and cheered but threw her hands into the air and catcalled Kazee.

According to Us Weekly, Dewan and Smith also reportedly expressed excitement in the lobby before the event. An eyewitness told the publication Smith told Dewan, “I’m so excited,” to which Dewan replied, “Oh, me too.”

During the show, another onlooker told Us, “Jenna was constantly pointing at Steve when he was on stage and she was clapping and laughing and whispering to people next to her. She seemed to be having a total blast.”

At one point, when Kazee stood in the audience and sang near where Dewan was sitting, “her smile was huge and she looked so proud of him” the insider also claimed. The audience member sitting next to Dewan apparently nudged her during a kissing scene between Kazee and another actor in the show, but she laughed it off.

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After just a few months with him, Dewan seems to really be enjoying her time with Kazee; bringing her mom along to his show feels like a sign things are going well, right? As noted by People, Dewan and Kazee haven’t been shy when it comes to showing their affection for each other (despite not outright confirming their alleged relationship), and it sounds like Wednesday night was no exception.

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