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Nicole Kidman Walked the Aquaman Blue Carpet with Her BLL Family

When DC’s latest superhero epic, Aquaman, blasts into theaters on Dec. 21, fans will get to see Jason Momoa play the iconic character, but they’ll also get to see Nicole Kidman in a unique new role. In the film, Kidman plays Atlanna, the Queen of Atlantis and Aquaman’s mother. At the film’s premiere on Wednesday, she opened up about why she took the role in the first place and what it meant to have her real family and her TV family with her to celebrate the release of the film.

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Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Kidman said she wanted a role in Aquaman because “I wanted to have a kickass action movie sequence, so that’s what I really wanted. I also wanted to work with [director] James [Wan]. I’m a huge fan of his!”

Kidman wasn’t the only one who was excited to be at the premiere. She attended the event with her real family, husband Keith Urban and their two daughters, as well as Nicholas and Cameron Crovetti, the actors who play her Big Little Lies character’s sons on the acclaimed HBO drama. Before she walked the blue carpet — which was appropriately ocean-colored — Urban and their daughters settled in to see the movie.

“My girls have been taken in the side [entrance] with Keith, so they’re sitting in there eating popcorn waiting for me to come in, and I have [some of] the kids from Big Little Lies here tonight,” Kidman told ET. “They’re like my other children. They’re all so excited to see the movie, which is a great thing, you know, for kids to be able to go and see this at the holidays.”

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The long-awaited and much-anticipated Aquaman is sure to be a holiday treat; it’s already raking in money at the box office in China and is sure to perform similarly in the U.S. Kidman translating her mom skills to the big screen as Atlanna is sure to be a highlight, especially given how awesome she is in clips from the film. We love that she took all of her kids to the premiere, including her daughters and her TV sons.

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