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Chrissy Teigen’s Dad Just Got a Tattoo of Her Face on His Body

Sure, your dad loves you… but did he get a tattoo of your face? Because, if not, Chrissy Teigen has you beat in the parental pride department. Her father, Ron Teigen Sr., enlisted veteran tattoo artist Mark Mahoney to immortalize his daughter in ink.

On Monday, Chrissy Teigen shared a snapshot on Instagram of her pop’s newly inked arm, gushing, “MY DAD GOT A TATTOO OF ME FOR MY BIRTHDAY. By the incredible @markmahoney_ssc.”

ET Live’s Melicia Johnson and Tanner Thomason touched base with Mahoney on Monday evening, asking about the special tattoo.

“He is the coolest guy, and I’m looking forward to tattooing him again. He told me he hadn’t been tattooed in 60 years,” Mahoney told ET. “I guess he was in the service when he got it, in Tijuana, and he woke up not remembering he got it.”

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In order to capture Teigen’s likeness, Mahoney explained that he relied on family photos, saying, “They brought a bunch of pictures, and if you have a good picture, you can make a good tattoo. “His skin was amazing for a guy his age, and it was just a wonderful afternoon.”

Teigen’s closeness with her parents is well-documented — her mother Vilailuck, lives with Teigen and her husband, John Legend. And since her parents are still married, that means her father makes frequent appearances.

“So my mom lives with us, but everybody is like, ‘Where’s your dad?’” Teigen told press in West Hollywood in January, per the Daily Mail. “He comes by every day and they’re married. It just works for them. It’s a good family life. We’re all very close, very tight-knit.”

Her father also makes the occasional cameo on Teigen’s Twitter feed — often comically.

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In July, Eva Longoria shared a selfie with her newborn son, Santiago Enrique, and tagged Teigen in the fresh-faced post. “Hey @chrissyteigen is this the official hairstyle of breast feeding? I feel like I’m always in a messy top bun! Too hard to do anything else.”

And, well, Teigen’s dad slid right into the comments section, calling Longoria “one of the worlds most beautiful women makeup or not.”

Never one to let an opportunity to lovingly lampoon a friend or family member pass her by, Teigen quote-tweeted her dad’s comment, simply saying, “ummmmmmmmm.”

Is it any surprise Teigen is so cool? It sounds like she might just be a chip off the old (hilarious) block.

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