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Milo Ventimiglia Says You Can Expect More Surprises Ahead on This Is Us

If you’re a This Is Us fan, you’re probably still reeling from the NBC drama’s intense season three fall finale. The show has earned a reputation for serving up jaw-dropping new twists week after week, but the closing moments of Nov. 27’s episode, “The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning” changed everything the audience — as well as the Pearson family — thought they knew about Jack Pearson’s little brother Nicky.

As it turns out, Nicky did not perish in Vietnam as viewers previously believed. He’s alive — and well? Um, that part is still unknown. He’s living in a Pennsylvania trailer in the present-day narrative. Bottom line after this bombshell was dropped? The viewers want answers. Thankfully, SheKnows got the chance to chat with the actor behind the Pearson’s beloved patriarch, Milo Ventimiglia, to get some. What’s in store when This Is Us comes back in January? Spoiler alert: Tears are in your future.

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“I think you can expect to cry. I think you can expect a surprise or two or three. But I think what we’re going to do is learn more about Jack and kind of why he possibly knew or didn’t know about his brother and uncover that and unpack that,” Ventimiglia told SheKnows over the phone on Tuesday.

Michael Angarano portrayed young Nicky Pearson in the first half of season three for Vietnam flashback scenes. Actor Griffin Dunne — who had a blink-and-you’d-miss-it cameo in the mid-season finale — will take on the recurring role of the adult version of the character as his story continues to unfold.

“It’s a pretty big revelation,” Ventimiglia went on to explain of Nicky’s shocking truth. “Jack definitely keeps his relationship with his brother and his time in the war close to his chest, but I think there are a lot of things that are to be discovered that the audience will find out [at] the same time as the remaining Pearsons in the present day.”

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Ventimiglia has gotten used to tapping into his darkest emotions for all the This Is Us drama, but he’s adding a lighter genre to his résumé soon: romantic comedy. He stars in the upcoming film Second Act, which hits theaters Dec. 21, alongside none other than multi-hyphenate superstar (and BFF in everyone’s minds) Jennifer Lopez. Lopez selected him as her costar for the movie, and it sounds like he couldn’t have been more thrilled to take on the job. He’s even letting everyone in on the best news I’ve heard all week — J.Lo is more like all of us than you might think.

“When you’re just there, when you’re on set with her in kind of a private moment, she’s just like everyone else. She really has the biggest heart, loves her family, and she loves what she gets to do and she’s fiercely talented and funny. Oh, man, she’s so funny,” Ventimiglia shared. “She’s a very normal person. Normal person in the greatest of ways that I think we can all relate to, even in how creatively large her world has become. One-on-one, she’s just like all of us.”

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In addition to star-studded movies and a hit TV show, Ventimiglia is currently partnering with Kelley Blue Book.

“Last year, I was part of their 2018 Best Buy Awards, and this year they asked if I would be a part of the rollout of 2019, and because I’ve been working with Kelley Blue Book since I was 16 years old, I was like, ‘Yeah of course.’” he explained. “Taking the homework they’ve done with new and different classes of cars — they’re unrolling across 14 different categories — cars that they think are the best of the best. So, they’re shining a light on car-buying for a lot of people who are looking for a trusted resource.”

Considering he’s gone from Gilmore Girls teen idol to Heroes hero to Emmy-nominated leading man, Milo Ventimiglia has seemingly done it all. And when it comes to his next moves, he’s taking it one script at a time.

“I’ve been lucky enough to be in this business in front of the camera for 23 years, and I feel there’s still a lot more room to explore men that I’ve never even considered playing,” the actor expounded on the future of his career. “It’s not just any one particular genre or type of man. It’s just — there are opportunities that are going to present themselves when they do. I don’t think there’s one type of thing I want to do or one dream role I would want to play.”

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