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The Fuller House Season 4 Trailer Shows DJ & Steve as ‘America’s Couple’

After what seems like an extremely long wait since season three ended, the Fuller House season four trailer is finally here. Netflix released the teaser on Tuesday, and fans rooting for D.J. and Steve will be very happy. That’s right, the trailer shows them as a happy couple trying to figure out the dating world.

Like Stephanie says to her sister in the video, “You have to make this relationship work. You’re Steve and D.J. — America’s couple.” No pressure, D.J.

At the beginning of the trailer, Steve surprises D.J. during Christmas and tells her, “I quit!” For those who can’t recall, at the end of the third season, Steve took a job with the LA Lakers as the basketball team’s new foot specialist. Despite not wanting to take the job after reuniting romantically with D.J., she wanted him to pursue the position and even accepted the job on Steve’s behalf. At the end of season three-B, Steve told D.J., “Six months from now, you and me, it is on like Donkey Kong.”

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Well, it’s clearly “on like Donkey Kong” in season four. “Deej, we’ve been waiting 25 years,” Steve tells D.J. in the trailer. “We owe it to ourselves once and for all just to see how we are as a couple.” We even see them on a date that leads to them dancing in the street, because, of course. At one point, they’re also seen kissing as it snows.

The trailer will certainly please those fans who love D.J. and Steve together. The TV couple has had a will-they-won’t-they relationship in Fuller House since it first debuted in 2016. In addition to becoming almost borderline obsessed with D.J., Steve has gone to great — and almost creepy — lengths to express his affections. Heck, he strung along a copycat version of D.J. named C.J. and even almost married her.

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In August, Candace Cameron Bure opened up to E! News about D.J. and Steve in season four. She actually confirmed to the publication that the two are very much together. “Well, in season four D.J. and Steve are together,” she said. “There’s no back and forth in season four, so she’s with Steve and made that decision. I like watching and I hope the fans enjoy actually watching that relationship develop more.”

However you feel about D.J. and Steve, the series is definitely pursuing them as a full-fledged couple.

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Make sure you watch the trailer in its entirety, because there’s also focus on Kimmy as Stephanie and Jimmy’s surrogate, Jackson and Rocki kissing and, of course, inspirational family speeches.

Fuller House season four officially drops on Netflix on Dec. 14.

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