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SNL Staged a Mini Office Reunion, Forcing Steve Carell to Address a Reboot

It’s been five years since NBC’s The Office ended. It’s been 10 years since Steve Carell hosted Saturday Night Live. Last night, fans got to experience both again.

On Saturday’s episode, Carell returned to the SNL stage — and he couldn’t resist bringing in a few very familiar faces for a bit about The Office. Fans of the workplace comedy would recognize those faces as Carell’s fellow former Office cast members Jenna Fischer (Pam), Ellie Kemper (Erin) and Ed Helms (Andy).

During his monologue, Carell poked good-natured fun at the public obsession with the idea of a reboot of the series. Shortly into his speech, an “audience member” interrupted to ask about that very possibility. Carell has obviously been asked approximately 100 million times.

So, he tried letting the audience down gently with the line he’s used in recent interviews: “It was a great experience, I love all of those people, but I don’t think it’s the best idea. I think we should just leave it alone.”

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SNL regular Kenan Thompson then stood up, agreeing that a reboot would be a good idea. When Carell replied, “It would be like if they wanted you to reboot Kenan & Kel,” Thompson quipped, “That would be an honor.”

Kemper took her turn, stressing she “needed that money” — a sentiment Helms stood up to underscore. “I don’t think you realize how much money. You wouldn’t have to do those sad movies anymore,” he said.

To great applause from the audience, Fischer asked Carell if he remembered those last words Pam secretly whispered in Michael’s ear before The Office ended. “She said, ‘Steve, don’t be a dick, do the reboot. Let’s just do the damn thing!’” Fischer insisted.

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Even Carell’s wife, Nancy Carell, and the couple’s kids got in on the fun, getting Steve’s attention from the upper deck to say, “We don’t really need you to hang around anymore. We’re good.”

Finally, it seemed as though Carell would cave in. After asking the audience whether they wanted a reboot — and, of course, getting a robust response — Carell called Kemper, Fischer and Helms to the stage.

“All right, I am proud to announce that…” Carell started, building up anticipation before shouting, “We have a great show tonight!”

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Alas, those Office reboot dreams will have to wait. But, on the positive side, wasn’t it fun to at least to have a mini Office reunion? And, more pointedly, now we’re going to wonder about a potential Kenan & Kel reboot.

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