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Carrie Underwood & Mike Fisher Are Expecting Another Baby Boy

It’s official! Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher are expecting another baby boy to join their family in a few short weeks. Underwood made the announcement with the help of fellow country star, longtime CMAs cohost and friend Brad Paisley during Wednesday’s 52nd Annual CMAs broadcast — which recalls how she revealed her first son Isaiah’s sex in 2014 too.

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As reported by People, Underwood and Paisley opened Wednesday’s ceremony with a bit of banter about their workout routines. Then, Paisley recalled the time he “accidentally” revealed Isaiah’s gender, during the CMAs in 2014 — something he later admitted, per Country Living, was part of the script for the show — though that didn’t stop the hashtag #BradBlewIt from trending immediately after.

During Wednesday’s show, Paisley tried to get Underwood to reveal the sex of her second child on her own with a little coaxing. He said, “Seriously, Carrie, give me a little baby hint? Johnny or June? Keith or Nicole. Garth or Trisha. Tim or Faith. George or Tammy. Waylon or Willie?”

Since one of these pairings is not like the others, the addition of Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson apparently threw Underwood for a loop. “What? That doesn’t even make sense,” she said, referring to the fact that Jennings and Nelson are friends, while the other pairings Paisley brought up are famous romantic country couples.

After some more prodding from Paisley, Underwood finally said,  “Oh, my gosh — Willie, it’s a Willie, OK?!”

To complete the skit, Paisley got serious for a moment. “Having two kids, — and two boys — myself, actually I know a new arrival can be tough on the new kid. So, as a little surprise, I’ve asked Carrie’s firstborn son to come out for a very special moment in the CMAs spotlight,” he said.

However, instead of Isaiah joining them onstage, viral video superstar Mason “Yodel Kid” Ramsey came out instead. Never a dull moment at the CMAs, especially when Paisley and Underwood are hosting.

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Underwood’s rep confirmed the news that she and Fisher are expecting another boy to People after the CMAs broadcast. This news is especially happy because of how much Underwood struggled to get pregnant again, suffering three miscarriages over the course of two years. We can’t wait to see what she names baby boy No. 2 or what antics he gets up to with big brother Isaiah.

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