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What to Know About Chrissy Metz’s Rumored Boyfriend, Hal Rosenfeld

Is love in the air for Chrissy Metz? Apparently, Metz has a hot new love interest in her life, and we’re not talking about her This Is Us husband (sorry, Toby!). Per Us Weekly, Metz may be dating composer Hal Rosenfeld, and from the sound of it, things could be heating up between the pair.

“They’ve been dating a few months now,” a source told Us Weekly. “He is such a sweet guy and everyone around Chrissy really likes him. He adores her and she is really into him as well.”

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Metz and Rosenfeld have been photographed together recently, but neither has officially confirmed a relationship. However, in a video obtained by Us Weekly on Oct. 30, Metz teased, “No, you’re not [going to see me on any dating app anytime soon] because I don’t need to be on those.”

If true, it would be the first relationship for Metz since she and cameraman Josh Stancil split in March. Neither Metz nor Rosenfeld have publicly confirmed their relationship, but even so, our curiosity about who Rosenfeld is piqued. What’s he into? What’s he like? We did a bit of digging, and here’s what we found out about Metz’s alleged new beau.

1. He’s ridiculously accomplished

Rosenfeld isn’t just a composer — he’s also a drummer and percussionist, and his résumé is pretty stacked considering he’s only 25. Per his IMDb profile, his credits as a composer and musician include Legends of Tomorrow, Quantico, The Mayor, A Series of Unfortunate Events and The Greatest Showman.

2. He’s a feminist

On June 13, Rosenfeld tweeted his excitement about being involved with KCRW’s “The Future Is Female” concert of female composers. Rosenfeld’s role was presumably in a supportive or secondary capacity, as he was clearly excited to shine a light on women in his field.

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3. He can take a joke

One of Rosenfeld’s friends apparently decided to play a prank on the composer earlier this year, and Rosenfeld took to Facebook to share the shenanigans.

“Thank you to everyone for the birthday wishes! Though, greatest gifts I’ve received this year have been the random deliveries of unmarked bulk produce mysteriously showing up at my door. So far (since March): 60 green bell peppers, 80 zucchini, 36 cucumbers, and 12 containers of blackberries. I don’t understand,” Rosenfeld revealed good-naturedly, adding, “I’ve been donating, gifting, and consuming.”

4. He has already made an appearance on Metz’s Instagram, so you know it’s legit

Metz may have been clueing fans into her romantic status as early as Oct. 7, when she posted a photo at the La Quinta Resort & Club with a group of friends. Right next to her? Rosenfeld, and the two looked pretty cozy.

“Reminiscing about one special birthday weekend with a few special people at such a special place,” Metz wrote.

5. He’s close with his mom

Speaking with Huffington Post in November 2016, Rosenfeld described how his mother had signed him up for a summer music course at a local college when he was still in high school. Despite having zero interest in attending it, it ultimately led to a musical connection that launched his career.

“So, yeah, I guess you could say that if I hadn’t listened to my mom, I wouldn’t be where I am today,” he told HuffPost, laughing.

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