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Modern Family Season 10 Keeps the Twists Coming & Fans Have Opinions

On Wednesday, just two weeks after Modern Family revealed a “significant character death” in its season 10 Halloween episode, the series revealed yet another major twist for the Dunphy family. When series cocreator Christopher Lloyd teased major life events in season 10, he really wasn’t kidding around.

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Spoilers ahead for Modern Family season 10, episode seven, “Did the Chicken Cross the Road?”

During Wednesday’s episode, Haley (Sarah Hyland) ended up in the emergency room after she got a tube of lipstick stuck up her nose when she was riding the bumper cars with Dylan (Reid Ewing), per Entertainment Tonight. In the ER, Haley learned from her nurse that she’s pregnant, which was a massive shock — although Hyland seemed to tease the news on her Instagram ahead of the episode.“Buckle up for tonight’s brand-new episode of @abcmodernfam guys,” Hyland wrote on a set photo of herself riding a bumper car. “It’s gonna be a BUMPY ride!”

Obviously, the double meaning of “BUMPY” would have been lost on fans ahead of the episode — she’s riding a bumper car, after all. But now that we know she’ll also have a baby bump, the emphasis in her caption makes more sense.

Much like when Modern Family revealed that DeDe (recurring guest star Shelley Long) had died, fans had mixed reactions to the news of Haley’s impending motherhood. Some seemed shocked by the news on Twitter, while others were less than impressed.

“Having Alex be the one that got pregnant would of been way more interesting,” one fan wrote, with a GIF of Cameron Diaz captioned, “Just saying.”

Another fan remarked that season 10 of Modern Family “is a little too much like #RealLife. A death (even though off-screen) during the #Halloween episode and now an unplanned pregnancy.” They also noted that the show has a precedence for the latter: “But Claire & Phil have talked about they got married because Claire was pregnant with Haley.”

Many fans were stoked about the reveal, though. “@Sarah_Hyland I’m gonna be honest I love the idea of haley being pregnant,” wrote one viewer. “This will be a great storyline and can’t wait to see what will happen.”

As one fan noted, we haven’t seen how Haley’s family will react to the news — which could go any direction given how this show likes to lean into absurdity and heavy emotion with equal weight. 

The excitement is real, but fans also have questions about who the father is. As noted by ET, the pregnancy reveal happened just after Dylan and her other love interest, Arvin (Chris Geere), went head-to-head.

“@Sarah_Hyland but seriously I’m so happy the modern family writers decided to make Haley pregnant since she is getting older and it makes sense!! Now the question is, who is the father?” questioned one fan.

Another expressed disappointment over Haley’s current love interests potentially becoming fathers: “I knew Haley was going to be pregnant when she was eating alot in the Halloween episode. Disappointed since I want her to be pregnant with Andy’s baby not Dylan or Arvin’s.”

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While this question will certainly be answered in a future episode of Modern Family, we can’t help but wonder — what else will season 10 bring to the table?

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