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Newly Minted Dame Emma Thompson Makes Prince William Blush Over Kissing Joke

Leave it to Emma Thompson — or to give props to her new title, Dame Emma Thompson — to make Prince William blush. The award-winning actor couldn’t resist being just a bit naughty on Wednesday as the royal bestowed the new title upon her.

“I love Prince William, I’ve known him since he was little, and we just sniggered at each other,” Thompson told The Daily Mail while discussing her big day, adding intel on what happened while receiving her special honor from the prince: “I said, ‘I can’t kiss you, can I?’ And he said, ‘No, don’t!’”

While most people likely couldn’t get away with asking the Duke of Cambridge such a question, most people aren’t Thompson. The actor and writer has been friends with the royal family for quite some time.

“It’s really lovely because I’ve always loved the boys and I’ve always been a long-term correspondent,” Thompson explained.

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The respect is apparently mutual, with William insisting the spotlight be given to Thompson while she received her damehood. “If you’re first up you have to be more formal on such an occasion, but he’s looking wonderful and doing so well,” Thompson said of teasing Prince William about a kiss. “He said, ‘This day isn’t about me, it’s about you.’”

Thompson received her damehood as part of the queen’s 2018 birthday honors list, which was originally announced in June. She was recognized for her service to drama and as the sole person to have snagged Academy Awards for both acting (for Howards End) and writing (for Sense and Sensibility), said the honors committee. And on a sweet note, Thompson had her own personal cheering section in place. Her husband of 15 years, English actor Greg Wise, along with their kids, Tindyebwa, 19, and Gaia, 18.

Thompson wasn’t the only person being recognized, of course. The queen’s list, which is published twice a year, included more than 1,000 honorees. However, it is worth noting that Thompson received the highest honor on the list, the aforementioned damehood.

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Don’t worry, though — it’s unlikely damehood will go to Thompson’s head or change her in any way really. She has every intention of remaining the strong female presence we’ve all come to know and love over her nearly 40-year career.

“I’m very outspoken, politically,” she said of receiving the queen’s honor. “I’m a card-carrying feminist, human rights advocate, so good for them because the establishment needs more people who can speak up for those things.”

Well said, Thompson. Well said.

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