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How Chip & Joanna Gaines Really Feel About Returning to TV in the Future

It’s been a minute since we last saw Chip and Joanna Gaines on our TV screens. The final episode of Fixer Upper aired in the spring, and this beloved HGTV couple returned to focusing on their life in Texas as well as business ventures with family-friendly companies like Target. It may feel like they’re on a totally new path, but their latest comments about whether they’d return to television might surprise you.

“We never rule anything out,” Chip told People in a recent interview, no doubt igniting hope in Fixer Upper fans that he and Joanna could return to the small screen at some point in the future.  

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The couple’s wildly popular home-improvement show ended in April 2018 after five seasons, just months after they welcomed a surprise fifth child, Crew, into their family.

“The show was amazing and we are so thankful for it, but it’s also a whirlwind where, if you are not careful, it will flat run you over,” Chip remarked. “You can’t believe how out of gas you are.” 

Chip also stated that while the show was fun, they are not television personalities as much as they are entrepreneurs — and for now, they want to focus on that: “Being in front of the camera is a different experience than running a business, and we run businesses. That’s who we are.”

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Both of them also opened up about the possibility of a sixth baby — with the same sentiment of never ruling out anything. 

“I think we have to have another one because I’m particular about the only child thing,” Chip said. “Crew needs a sister to manage this whole thing out. Don’t be surprised if No. 6 is in the cards!”

Joanna agreed. “I love the labor part. This is the moment we get to meet this little baby. It’s so much fun. I want to do it again.”

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The newest addition was a surprise, but siblings Drake, 13, Ella,12, Duke, 9, and Emmie, 8, have welcomed the baby with excitement. 

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Even if the Waco-based couple’s return to television doesn’t come for a long while or doesn’t come at all, there are still lots of ways to get your fill of Chip and Joanna. You can subscribe to their magazine, The Magnolia Journal, spruce up your house with their Hearth and Hand line at Target or read Joanna’s soon-to-be-released book, Homebody.

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