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Ashley Iaconetti Reveals She’ll Recite Her Own Vows, & Yes, There Will Be Tears

While the idea that Ashley Iaconetti might cry about something should come as a surprise to roughly no one, the former Bachelor in Paradise contestant has a good reason to get emotional looming on the horizon. During an interview with People TV’s Chatter, Iaconetti opened up about her impending wedding to Jared Haibon — and how realistic she is about the tears that will be shed. 

“I definitely will be crying through my vows whether I write them or not, but I think the plan right now is that we’re going to write them,” the soon-to-be bride said, admitting, “I have to read from the paper. Who can memorize their own vows and then be up and there and be emotional?” 

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Iaconetti is self-aware when it comes to her propensity for waterworks, so she realizes saying I do will likely trigger a tear-soaked response. 

“I can’t imagine myself being dry-eyed while reading my own vows,” she said.

But fans of the reality dating franchise that introduced Iaconetti and Haibon to the world won’t be privy to any public displays of emotion. According to Iaconetti, the couple has ruled out a televised wedding. 

“Bachelor never formally asked us if we wanted to get married on the show, but Paradise was probably our only option if we decided to get married on screen,” Iaconetti said, elaborating, “We decided not to do that just because we wanted to have a bigger wedding. When the show is in charge of it they have a lot of guest requests and you have to narrow your list down.” 

A BiP wedding would have been kind of perfect, though, right? 

Iaconetti and Haibon first became romantic in Paradise, although that dalliance did not end well. But it formed the basis of a friendship that would stand the test of time and, eventually, grow into love. 

And, hey, at least a part of Bachelor Nation will live on through their officiant: Tanner Tolbert. 

The couple hasn’t revealed their bridal party (although Iaconetti has hinted Jade Roper and Carly Evans could be involved), citing timing for the secrecy. “We have not even told our bridal parties who they are, so we’re going to keep that secret for right now,” Iaconetti explained. 

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Also not on the table for discussion yet? The honeymoon. However, the couple isn’t nearly as buttoned-up about another possible “moon” in the near future — a babymoon. 

In July, Haibon joked, “We’re engaged now, so we’ll get to the wedding and then maybe pop out a couple kids!” 

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