Ellen DeGeneres Hilariously Parodied The Bachelor for Her 2018 Halloween Show

Ellen DeGeneres is known for her elaborate (and hilarious) Halloween specials. She — or more likely, her crew members — decorate the show's set, and DeGeneres always sports a great costume, as do her guests. And this year is no exception. DeGeneres' 2018 Halloween episode was epic. According to Just Jared, the talk show host transformed into a dental assistant named Kelllly D. from New Jersey for an outrageous spoof episode of The Bachelor.

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The special episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show airs Oct. 31; however, the sketch made its way online early. And while the spot began like any episode of The Bachelor, we quickly learned it was anything but when a busty, blond DeGeneres appears on-screen.

“I came here for two things," DeGeneres (aka Kelllly) said. "To get a man, that’s one. And to drink tequila. A lot of tequila."

But that's not the best part. DeGeneres was then joined onstage by "Bachelor" Milo Ventimiglia — who you may or may not know from This Is Us.

“My name is Kelllly D. but you can call me anytime you want," an in-character DeGeneres said to Ventimiglia. "I’m a dental assistant. Would you like me to examine your mouth with my tongue?”

Real former Bachelor leading man Nick Viall also made a cameo, because, as Kelllly said, "I want to get picked by a Bachelor, but I thought if I had two Bachelors here, I'd increase the odds."

(Oh, and did I mention Viall was shirtless and there was a hot tub involved?!)
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Watch the entire clip now, or catch it at 4/3c on NBC.