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Chrissy Metz Is a Fortress of Secrets When It Comes to the This Is Us Series Finale

Brace yourselves, This Is Us fans. You’re about to have to face some cold, hard facts. Because not only will This Is Us be ending one day, that day has also already been filmed (at least in part). 

And you can’t ask series star Chrissy Metz to spill the beans about who’s left standing at the end, because her lips are sealed. 

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During an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Metz revealed, “So, they’ve banked a couple of scenes for the series finale.”

When pressed by Fallon for details, though, Metz refused to cave. “Who knows if I was in them?” she teased. “I mean, I might have been around the set. I don’t know if I was in the scenes. Do with that what you will.”, Fallon tried one more time to trick the information out of Metz. Alas, she’s a fortress of secrets. “I can’t tell you!” she reiterated, laughing. 

Hey, at least he tried, right? Metz was a formidable foe (and can we just gush for a minute about how pure and precious she is too?!). 

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Given we’re barely into the third season of NBC’s beloved tearjerker, it feels weird to even be thinking of the show’s eventual end. However, comments made by creator Dan Fogelman earlier this year forced fans to face This Is Us’ mortality. 

“We know where it ends, and we have the path for each season of the show,” Fogelman said during a panel discussion in May. “We didn’t want to get stuck. We have the kids and the timelines. I don’t think this show — despite any success it may or may not have — will overstay its welcome.” 

And then, he confirmed that, yes, they’ve “already shot pieces of the final scene of the series.” 

When the panel moderator questioned whether the rest of the cast knew how the series would ultimately come to a close, Milo Ventimiglia (aka Papa Pearson) replied, “Yeah.” 

Ever the jokester, Chris Sullivan quipped, “No. Will someone please tell me after?” 

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Sterling K. Brown, who wasn’t at the panel but phoned in, gave a hint involving the cryptic “her” he and his oldest daughter were “not ready” to see in last season’s flash-forward. 

“There’s a big thing about going to see ‘her.’ It sort of leads to the end game of our show as a whole; not the season per se but the show as a whole,” he said, before cautioning, “Who you think the ‘her’ is, is probably not who the ‘her’ is, but it’s who you’ll see at the end of show.” 


If you now find yourself desperate to find out who’ll be in This Is Us’ final moments while simultaneously wishing it would never end, well, you’re not alone. 

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