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Meghan Markle’s Wedding Bouquet Was Nearly Ruined

With every new detail we learn about Prince Harry and Meghan (née Markle)’s romance, we fall a little bit more in love with their love. These two defy the idea that royals are stodgy or unapproachable, from public displays of affection to bashful acknowledgments of their milestones as a couple. 

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In a series of new interviews for Windsor Castle’s “A Royal Wedding: The Duke and Duchess of Sussex” exhibit, Meghan and Prince Harry speak extensively on their May wedding for the first time, according to Vanity Fair. They mentioned one thing that didn’t quite go as planned: Meghan’s bouquet.

“We have a very small garden here [at Kensington Palace] that we had been planting things in the fall for,” Meghan said, “and what was really special, I think, was that the morning of the wedding Harry went in and he picked some flowers to go into my bouquet, which was really beautiful and something that makes it sentimental and really meaningful.”

Swoon. That kind of attention to detail is what makes this fairy-tale romance especially sweet, although Prince Harry admitted that the gesture was nearly ruined because of a cold snap that hit the palace in April.

“We didn’t have as many flowers in our little garden as we had hoped for because I think it snowed at Easter!” he said. “That kind of ruined the whole thing!”

We beg to disagree — Prince Harry’s handpicked flowers were included in Meghan’s bouquet arrangement, according to Vanity Fair, and the fact that he even thought of such a thing is incredibly sweet. He and Meghan also opened up for the Windsor Castle exhibit about choosing Meghan’s tiara with the help of the queen, as well as the importance of the music they chose for the ceremony.

“We worked quite a lot with the Prince of Wales who has incredible taste in specifically classical music, so it was really fun to spend some time going through selections with him, and then there were specific choices that were made,” Meghan revealed. This included a gospel rendition of the song “Stand by Me,” as well as the song “Amen/This Little Light of Mine” for when they left the church as a married couple.

Prince Harry also revealed that he chose the song to which Meghan walked down the aisle: Handel’s “Eternal Source of Light.” He said, “I was looking for something completely different and ended up stumbling across this piece of music. Something that epitomizes the whole day, the whole feeling that I have for her, and this incredibly impactful music with no organ whatsoever, with a soloist who actually did the most incredible job, to the orchestra. And now, both of us, wherever we are, whatever we’re doing, we can close our eyes, listen to that music and take ourselves straight back to that moment. It’s a beautiful thing for both of us.”

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The Windsor Castle exhibit will feature Meghan’s wedding dress and veil, which was embroidered with flowers to represent each of the 53 Commonwealth nations, as well as her tiara, which was bequeathed to Queen Elizabeth by her mother, Queen Mary, in 1953. Harry’s frock-coat uniform of the Household Cavalry is also featured in the display.

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