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Olivia Munn Explains Why Cutting Out Toxic People & Situations Is a Good Thing

Cutting toxicity out of our lives can be hard, especially when it manifests in interpersonal relationships. Even stars like Olivia Munn have had to deal with this struggle, something she highlighted in a new interview. 

“It’s a lesson I think you’re always learning, but I think this year I really applied it, over the last year and a half, of just like, negative, toxic people just don’t have a place in your life,” Munn told Entertainment Tonight in an interview published on Friday. “So, if you’re around someone that’s always making you feel bad, you know, you don’t need them in your life.”

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However, Munn also said, “Anything that’s toxic, whether it’s a person or a situation, anything that’s going to add any kind of negativity to your life in a long-term way, just should be out of your life. Whether it’s a person, an experience or a job.”

Munn didn’t namedrop anyone in her interview or pinpoint who was bringing toxicity into her life, though the timeframe she mentions does include events that could potentially be seen as toxic or, at the very least, not worth dwelling on: splitting up with NFL player Aaron Rodgers and, more recently, making headlines when her fight to have a scene with a registered sex offender removed from her latest film, The Predator, was made public. That said, Munn could also be drawing from a wealth of other life experiences for these interview comments. 

We do admire her dedication to positivity, though, which is something she talks about regularly on social media. On Sunday, Munn shared an animated video of “the train of life” and wrote, “Always be kinder than necessary, always be strong and brave (even, or perhaps especially, when no one else is), always try to lead with love not hate. What you put out in the world starts and stays with you. Live bravely, kindly and with so much love, always. Love, Liv.”

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With everything going on in the world today, the advice to cut out toxicity is important — as is the positivity Munn always seems to bring to her interactions with the world.

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