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There’s a Clueless Reboot Coming, & This Is What We Know

Clueless has seen several incarnations since the film premiered in 1995. It’s been a TV series, a PC fashion game, a young adult book series, a Broadway musical and even a comic book series. Now it’s getting a total makeover — uh, we mean, reboot — in the continuing trend of Hollywood revivals.

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According to Variety, Paramount Pictures is developing a Clueless remake penned by GLOW writer Marquita Robinson. Girls Trip writer Tracy Oliver is producing, so with these two at the helm, we can only foresee a respectful nod to the original film that includes much-needed new references and updates to the iconic source material. 

When the news broke on Thursday, Robinson jokingly tweeted, “Omg can you believe these idiots are remaking Clueless, @TracyYOliver?”

Oliver also tweeted about the news, writing, “Crazy excited to be producing a *new* take on one of my favorite movies of all time, #Clueless, with the hilarious and super talented @MarqRobinson writing it!!!  As. If.”

The 1995 film was written and directed by Amy Heckerling, who studied how ’90s teens talked before she wrote the script, per Variety. The film was set at a Beverly Hills high school and starred Alicia Silverstone as the wealthy and fashionable Cher Horowitz, whose boy-crazy attitude and desire to be popular often distracted from her genuinely good heart.

Clueless also starred Paul Rudd (as Cher’s former stepbrother-turned-boyfriend, in a weird twist that somehow works for the film), Stacey Dash, Donald Faison and the late Brittany Murphy. It was loosely adapted from the Jane Austen novel Emma

There’s been no word from the film’s original cast about their thoughts on the remake, though many fans are skeptical. Casper and Final Destination actor Devon Sawa wrote in a now-deleted tweet, per NME, “Clueless is about the 90s. It’s ours. Leave it alone. Make a movie that today’s teens can call their own. Stop being lazy.” 

On Friday, he tweeted, “Make clueless , I actually really don’t give a shit. – just nobody sing ‘Rollin’ with my homies’. That lines taken. Forever.”

YouTuber Safiya Nygaard tweeted, “no, traditional media, remaking everything that was once good and ruining all nostalgia will not save you from your impending doom. #clueless is good the way it is.” She added, “the ONLY clueless remake worth having is alicia silverstone and paul rudd married w kids and they have to explain to people over and over that they are not *actually* brother and sister. but even then, i don’t think so.”

Film critic Guy Lodge remarked that Clueless holds up as a product of its time and that a remake won’t have that same spark: “What’s good about Clueless is entirely tied to its era, its fashion, its playful dialogue with a youth culture that has now entirely shifted in tone. You may as well remake the Macarena.”

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In other words: As if! It looks like this particular reboot isn’t high on people’s list of wants from Hollywood, but we’ll see how things shape up once the cast is announced and the premise is described. The trailers may sway the internet into liking this remake after all — or not.

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