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Here’s Why Kim Raver Says Teddy’s Grey’s Anatomy Season 15 Storyline Is ‘Tumultuous’

Now that Kim Raver is a series regular again on Grey’s Anatomy after five years away, she’s diving right back into the drama of it all. After it was revealed in the season 15 premiere that her character, Dr. Teddy Altman, is pregnant (with Owen’s baby), it’s clear that keeping her pregnancy a secret soon won’t be an option. Dealing with that is going to have ramifications for several characters, per comments from Raver in a new interview.

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This season for Teddy is “tumultuous,” Raver told Entertainment Tonight in an interview published on Thursday. During this interview, she commented that Teddy is “awestruck [with] becoming a mother. Searching. And I think [she’s] definitely filled with love for her baby and Owen and for many reasons.”

“You’re going to see Teddy deal with a lot of things, dealing with what’s it going to be like thinking about motherhood,” Raver explained, noting that Teddy has several options for how to proceed. “Is she going to be a single mother? Is she going to stay in Seattle and raise the kid? It’s definitely seeing how to manage becoming a mom and use her resources of using the Grey’s Anatomy family to figure it out.”

She admitted that she doesn’t know if Teddy will end up a single mom or not, but the fact that it’s an option is “a really modern concept,” going on to say, “[W]e’re also fine on our own and I think we’re actually better partners when we do become stronger alone. Maybe that is the journey.”

Regarding Teddy keeping her pregnancy a secret — or trying to despite Meredith and Maggie already knowing — Raver noted, “I think it’s like stepping into a minefield and seeing where is the safest path to tread and how do we do that and keep everyone protected.” 

Although there is certainly a love triangle continuing to brew between Owen, Amelia (his ex-wife, with whom he’s recently rekindled a romance) and Teddy, Raver pitched a new way for that age-old TV trope of a love triangle where two women end up battling it out for one man’s affections to showrunner Krista Vernoff and the other Grey’s Anatomy writers.

“[M]aybe we could do the love triangle a little differently so that it’s not woman pitted against woman,” Raver said. “I feel like that it’s headed in that direction. I feel like both Amelia and Teddy are really watching out for the other person and how can we navigate through this and where is Owen at? We’ll see how that goes, but that’s definitely the direction that I’d like to head into.”

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Raver noted that Grey’s Anatomy fans likely respond so intensely to the show and the way it explores romances because show creator Shonda Rhimes tends to set up stories that are “very raw, real, messy, ugly but yet hot and sexy.” Teddy’s storyline this season is certainly shaping up to be messy, but from Raver’s comments, it seems like there’s a significant amount of hope for her too.

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