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Let’s Take a Look at the Trailer for Catherine Zeta-Jones’ New Series, Queen America

Facebook Watch’s new series lineup has snagged some serious stars. In the first trailer for Queen America, which premieres Nov. 21 on the streaming service, Catherine Zeta-Jones gets her claws out as an Oklahoma pageant coach whose ruthless tactics for turning young hopefuls into pageant queens has made her infamous among the pageantry community in the show.

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In the trailer, Zeta-Jones’ character, Vicki Ellis, makes it clear that she’s not messing around. The 30-second preview gives us several looks into how intense she is when it comes to criticism. At one point, she says, “No one likes a pretty girl who expects big things to happen to her.” Ouch.
Later, she pushes Samantha (played by Belle Shouse) to the point of tears while trying to whip her into shape for competing. Despite her intense nature, Samantha — and others we briefly see Zeta-Jones’ character interact with — seem to keep coming back because of how badly they want to win.

Per Entertainment Tonight, Vicki’s take-no-prisoners attitude is about more than just pageantry: It’s about dealing with her own internal struggles as she pulls herself out of poverty to become a member of the Tulsa elite. This plotline is similar to one explored in Alyssa Milano’s storyline on Netflix’s Insatiable. Apparently, pageantry is still a topic of major interest for scriptwriters, though Zeta-Jones told ET that Queen America goes beyond the glitz and glam.

Queen America is set in the beauty pageant world, but it’s about what goes on deeper inside peoples [sic] lives,” she teased, likely referencing her own character’s storyline and possibly others.

Deadline reports that in addition to Zeta-Jones and Shouse, the infamous Judith Light will also costar. Additional cast includes Jennifer Westfeldt, Victoria Justice, Teagle Bougere, Rana Roy, Isabella Amara, Molly Price and Megan West. Queen America was created, written and executive produced by Fear the Walking Dead‘s Meaghan Oppenheimer.

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With Zeta-Jones and Light in the cast, Queen America is sure to be an incredible ride.

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