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Ryan Reynolds Celebrates His Birthday by Doing Something Unconventional: Voting

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds threw the best kind of party for Reynolds’ 42nd birthday: an “#absenteeballot party.” Like any good party, it had balloons — which Lively and Reynolds used as a backdrop for a series of sweet and unabashedly patriotic posts on Tuesday. 

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“Happy Birthday to 2018’s Sexiest Voter Alive @vancityreynolds #justvoted… #absenteeballot party!” Lively posted on Instagram along with a photo of the two holding up their absentee ballots. posted a similar picture of the pair, writing, “What a birthday! I just smoked a huge bowl of early voting. #JustVoted #whenweallvote.” 

Reynolds also spread the birthday voting love on Twitter, sharing another pic of the couple. “Best birthday ever. I have a new favorite four letter word. #Just Voted @WhenWeAllVote,” Reynolds captioned the Twitter pic. 

Never one to be outdone by her husband, Lively doubled up on the voting awareness via her Instagram Story. “How are you voting,” she wrote in all caps, adding the options “absentee” or “in person” for fans. 

While Lively and Reynolds’ friend Taylor Swift recently caught some flak from her more conservative fans for encouraging fans to vote (and supporting two Democrats in Tennessee), the couple’s pro-voting post isn’t likely to shock anyone. 

Lively and Reynolds have both spoken openly in the recent past about their passion for politics, but more pointedly, how current politics are affecting the country. 

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Reynolds, who is now a dual citizen, told Variety in 2016, “I can understand so much of the fear that comes from this huge portion of the population that’s going to feel disenfranchised and that’s experiencing a tremendous amount of anxiety about their future. Minority groups, women, LGBTQ communities — those are all communities that I think are rightfully very afraid for the moment and I’m afraid with them and for them.” 

After the 2016 election, Lively told Glamour magazine her entire perspective had changed.

“It made me more aware, more conscious, more sensitive,” she said. “Not just of sexism but of discrimination in all areas — class, gender, race. I had realized that there were problems [before].”

She elaborated, “You know, I do a lot of work against sex trafficking: There are hundreds of thousands of missing-children reports in the United States each year; some of those children are sex-trafficked. But that’s not reported. You see [stories about] only the wealthy, middle-class white girls who’ve been kidnapped. There are people missing all the time, and because they’re minorities, because they come from impoverished neighborhoods, they don’t make the news. That is so devastating.” 

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