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Ellen DeGeneres Has a New TV Show Coming Soon, & You’re Going to Love It

Fans of Ellen DeGeneres (and really, who isn’t at this point?) have yet another reason to love the daytime talk host — and this one involves a brand-new show. 

Before you get your hopes up too high, we should disclose that DeGeneres isn’t the host of this series. However, she tapped a very familiar face for the gig: Jeannie Klisiewicz, who’s best known on The Ellen DeGeneres Show as the person constantly surprising guests with life-changing gifts and prizes. 

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The week before this news, DeGeneres began promoting a new show with Twitter called Best News Ever. In the promo clips for the social media series, Klisiewicz acts as the host. Her job? To facilitate breaking the “best news ever” to some unsuspecting (and super-lucky!) souls. For the first episode, Lea Michele joined Klisiewicz to give a young couple by the names of Sofia and Andre their very own epic gender reveal. 

First things first, Michele called the expectant parents — which judging by their faces could have been the best news ever on its own. After Michele explained she was in possession of their baby’s gender, Klisiewicz joined the call to explain they would ultimately be telling Sofia and Andre whether they were having a boy or girl. 

After a few short — and entirely unscientific but fun — tests to more accurately guess the baby’s gender, Michele and Klisiewicz revealed two chutes coming down from the ceiling above them. The one over Klisiewicz’s head was labeled “boy” and the one over Michele’s “girl.” Each had a pull-cord attached. 

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The countdown commenced, the cords were pulled and — gush! — a flood of slime drenched Klisiewicz. It’s a boy! 

Again, the clearly overjoyed couple likely would have been content if the show had ended there. But the hosts weren’t finished yet. Michele pulled out a small blue gift bag to show the couple its contents: tickets for a babymoon. 

But wait. Why was the bag still so heavy, Michele wondered? Oh, yeah… because it also contained $10,000 in cash. 

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Be forewarned: The moment Sofia and Andre receive these gifts will totally tug on your heartstrings. Of course, that’s’ the gist of the show it would seem. 

In a tweet after the episode, Klisiewicz said, “#BestNewsEver was so much fun! I can’t wait to do it again. If you know someone who’s waiting for big news, tell us here!” 

The couple gushed after the fact as well, with Sofia tweeting, “OMG!!!!!!!! Thank you guys so much for this wonderful surprise!!! We are all smiles watching this! You guys are the BEST! Thank you Ellen, Lea Michele Jeannie and the whole crew who made this possible.” 

For the rest of us, questions abound. Will there be a new celebrity host each week? What big news will be broken next? Even so, we’re already inclined to agree with the statement DeGeneres made on Monday: “This show is gonna be a lot of fun.” 

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