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Martha Stewart Shuts Down an Instagram Troll With the Best Comment Ever

Internet trolls who come after Martha Stewart should expect to be put in their places — especially if they’re accusing her of being “too old” to enjoy physical activity. The lifestyle guru clapped back at an Instagram commenter over the weekend and received nearly 1,000 Instagram likes from like-minded fans for challenging the commenter’s ideas about age.

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On Saturday, Stewart shared a photo of herself riding an e-bike, her hair wind-blown as she smiles in the sunshine for the camera. “Here I am on my new Interceptor: Platinum Edition e-bike from @pedego,” she wrote in the caption. “If you’re looking to do some biking this fall, visit one of their shops and try one out – you’ll love two wheel traveling even more!” She also explained that she took her helmet off for the photo to head off comments from her followers about safe riding practices.

One commenter still found a way to shame Stewart for her post. The Instagram account @commentsbycelebs captured the exchange in which the commenter opted to go after Stewart’s age.

“Sorry but you are too old to bike safely,” the commenter wrote. “[S]et an example admit it make it easier for the rest of us to give up thinking we can still do it all.” 

Of course, Stewart wasn’t having it. She replied, “I feel sorry for you if you think I am too old to bicycle. I keep in excellent shape by doing many outdoor and indoor exercises and activities!”

It may seem counterintuitive for someone to say that exercising is setting a bad example, but internet trolls will go to any lengths to police women’s activities, especially when they’re in the public eye. People notes that Stewart has always been open about her healthy living practices, which include regular exercise and balanced nutrition.

“Convenience food is just not in my vocabulary,” she told People in 2009. “Yoga is incredibly relaxing, but strenuous, too.” She also recommends another, cheaper alternative to a personal trainer for getting daily exercise in: “I’ve never had a housekeeper and I never will. Cleaning does it for me.”

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Ultimately, each person’s body is their own, and sharing a photo on Instagram shouldn’t be cause for shame. It’s refreshing to see someone in Stewart’s position actively encouraging people to do their thing, especially when others want to police her physical activity.

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