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Amy Schumer & Her Husband Photobombed an Engagement Photo Shoot, & It’s Gold

Amy Schumer is no stranger to photobombing, but now she has a special partner in crime. On Wednesday, Schumer and her husband, Chris Fischer, showed up unexpectedly at a couple’s engagement photo shoot in Central Park, where they posed for a quick group shot that’s gained more than 600 likes on the bride-to-be’s Instagram account.

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“Sneak peak of the engagement shoot, special shout-out to @amyschumer and her husband Chris for making today so much fun!!” wrote Jillian Georgio in the caption of a photo showing her and her fiancé standing beside Schumer and Fischer, who were both dressed casually for a daytime jaunt through the park. reported by Entertainment Tonight, Schumer previously crashed an engagement shoot — also in Central Park — in 2015. Plus, she showed up at a wedding that same year and crashed another in 2017 with Judd Apatow, when they were doing press for Trainwreck. This is the first time Schumer has photobombed a couple with Fischer since they got married themselves in February, though he looks pretty stoked to be included in the fun.

Commenters on Georgio’s photo can’t even handle it. “STOP. I need more!!!” wrote one user, while another added, “Definitely Instagram of the month!!”

Another thought Schumer and Fischer making an appearance could only mean good things for Georgio and fiancé’s impending nuptials. They wrote, “This is a good omen for sure.”

Others chimed in with simple comments like, “ARE YOU KIDDING ME” and “UNREAL.” One person also took the time to compliment the couple(s): “This is truly incredible. And you guys look fab!”

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We appreciate Fischer and Schumer’s dedication to posing as similarly to the happy couple as possible, and we love that Georgio was excited enough about the interaction to post the photo on her social media. It’s not every day that an engagement shoot gets to feature more than one couple, after all.

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