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Aaron Rodgers Opens Up About Dating Danica Patrick in New Interview

Gushing about your significant other is fun, but what happens when the two of you are always in the public eye? It’s got to be tough to be candid about your relationship when so many people are watching and potentially obsessing over whatever you have to say. For Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers, opening up about his romance with former race car driver Danica Patrick is kind of a rarity — but in a new interview, he said it’s getting easier with time.

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Speaking to Artful Living, Rodgers said that when the circumstances are right, he doesn’t mind sharing special moments with Patrick — for example, posting about her and their relationship on social media.

“There’s still the right time and right place, but I don’t feel like I have to be reserved all the time,” he said. “We’re just two people who enjoy being around each other and love each other. We’re really into each other. So there are going to be posts with each other because we enjoy each other’s company a lot. We’re really attracted to each other.”

When Rodgers or Patrick do post about each other, he told Artful Living, he opts not to scroll through the comments or worry about what people will say — which makes it easier to “just live life… It’s pretty freeing, actually.”

Rodgers also told the magazine that he and Patrick really enjoy traveling together. “I’m a little further out there in my love for history; I want to go to historical sites around the world,” he said. “She’s getting into it as well, but she’s spontaneous. She’s up for anything travel-wise, which is fun.

“She’s a good travel partner because she’s so laid-back and low-maintenance,” he added. “And she’s a hell of a cook, so we love just staying in, too. She eats really healthy. She’s inspired me in that way.”

Plus, these two are super-supportive of each other’s careers and accomplishments. Patrick posts frequently about Rodgers’ football successes, despite her family being lifelong Chicago Bears fans, and Rodgers openly gushed about Patrick making history as the first woman to host the ESPYs in his interview with Artful Living.

“I’m really proud of her for that. I always enjoy going to the ESPYs, but to finally have a woman up there was awesome,” Rodgers said. “Doubly awesome that I’m dating her and that I got to be in the I, Tonya spoof. I remember talking through it with her, and she was really drawn to being the first woman host. She’s a strong woman who’s had to fight through some gender issues in her sports for years.”

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It seems these two are still going super strong, and it’s great that Rodgers is starting to feel more comfortable being open about their relationship. When you’re as into someone as he seems to be into Patrick, it’s nice to be able to gush, at least once in a while.

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