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What You Should Know About the New Reality TV Show The World’s Best

Is TV saturated with reality competitions? Sure. Are we still super-hyped about the one CBS just announced via Deadline? You betcha. Because, honestly, The World’s Best sounds like the reality competition show you never knew you needed. And because we could all use something to look forward to in the near future, the series is slated to make its big debut after the Super Bowl on Feb. 3, 2019. Score! And we did a bit of sleuthing to bring you a breakdown of everything we know so far. 

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It has some serious reality TV pedigree

If you’re worried about getting hooked on the series only for it to be unceremoniously canceled, suffice it to say this show has a better chance of survival than most. 

The reality TV competition comes via reality TV royalty Mark Burnett (The Apprentice, Shark Tank, Survivor, The Voice) and Mike Darnell (American Idol, Secret Millionaire).

The judges panel is our dream dinner party

You know how people ask which guests you’d invite to your dream dinner party? Well, the judges panel for The World’s Best is pretty much the embodiment of that question’s answer. 

The star-studded panel offering critiques to the talented contestants will consist of VH1 drag superstar RuPaul, actor Drew Barrymore and country superstar Faith Hill. It’s official — we’d tune in just to watch that trio. 

It’s bound to be super-funny too

A good host can make or break a reality show, and the one tapped for The World’s Best already has an edge — he has a background in talk television. And did we mention he’s hella funny? Say hello to The Late Late Show’s James Corden, who’ll be hosting and co-executive producing. 

It’s like America’s Got Talent but more global & 110 percent more fantastic

You might be thinking, “What makes this different from the other reality TV talent competitions already on TV now?” In a word: scope. According to a statement from CBS (as reported by Deadline), the show will feature “acts from every genre imaginable from every corner of the planet.” 

Additionally, it won’t just be the American judges these talent acts must impress. They’ll also face “the wall of the world” — 50 of the most accomplished experts from every field of entertainment from all over the globe. 

“The time has come to take talent competition shows to the next level and bring in judges from around the world to decide on the ultimate winner,” said Burnett. “It’s like the Olympics for entertainment, but you don’t have to wait every two years.” 

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Basically, this new competition show sounds amazing, and yes, you definitely need to watch; we sure will.

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