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Courteney Cox Wants a Friends Revival but Doesn’t See It Happening

Courteney Cox still wants to be there for her friends. The discussion about a Friends revival is never-ending, and it seems the former stars of the still-beloved NBC comedy aren’t going to stop being asked about the possibility of a reunion anytime in the near future. While chatting with People magazine on Monday, Cox revealed she’s down for a revival and to finally work with the cast again, but, sadly, she doesn’t think it will ever happen. 

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“People ask us all the time, ‘Will we ever do a remake?’ That was a story about these group of people that are friends in their 30s who are finding themselves,” she told the publication, before adding, “I don’t know if there’s a way to redo it.” 

She then admitted, “I just don’t see it happening.” On a positive note, Cox did add, “Even though I would do anything to be in a room with all of those people acting and having a great time,” before reiterating, “But I don’t see it happening.” isn’t the only Friends star to discuss the possibility of reviving the series. In an interview with InStyle published in August, Jennifer Aniston said, “Before that show ended, people were asking if we were coming back. Courteney and Lisa [Kudrow] and I talk about it. I fantasize about it. It really was the greatest job I ever had.”

Aniston also said, “I don’t know what it would look like today, but you never know. So many shows are being successfully rebooted. I know Matt LeBlanc doesn’t want to be asked that question anymore. But maybe we could talk him into it.”

Like Cox and Aniston, Kudrow also is open to a revival, but isn’t exactly sure it would work now that they’re older. “I mean, something should be done,” she told Conan O’Brien in January, before adding, “I don’t know what.” for Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer, they were less optimistic about bringing the Friends crew back together. “The thing is, I just don’t know if I want to see all of us with, like, crutches and walkers,” Schwimmer said on Megyn Kelly Today in January. “I doubt it. I really doubt it.”

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Perry told Variety in June, “I have this recurring nightmare — I’m not kidding about this. When I’m asleep, I have this nightmare that we do Friends again and nobody cares. We do a whole series, we come back, and nobody cares about it. So if anybody asks me, I’m gonna say no. The thing is: We ended on such a high. We can’t beat it. Why would we go and do it again?” though their views are different about the six New York City friends getting back together officially, never say never. Just look at Will & Grace and Murphy Brown. Maybe the Friends cast could even pull a Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life by doing a shorter series somehow.

Whatever the case, let’s not forget that this is the era of revivals and reboots, so Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler, Ross and Joey could all reunite at some point in time. Fans shouldn’t lose hope just yet.

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