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Amy Poehler Once Gave Busy Philipps a Confidence Boost When She Needed It Most

Busy Philipps’ new memoir, This Will Only Hurt a Little, drops some major revelations, but arguably one of the more surprising anecdotes is the story of her connection to the 2007 Will Ferrell film Blades of Glory (she helped come up with the idea for the film) and how one of the film’s stars, Amy Poehler, helped her get the credit she deserved for making Blades of Glory happen in the first place.

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In her book, Philipps (who has a “Story by” credit now) describes how she and her then-boyfriend, Craig Cox, came up for the idea together. At the time, she was filming White Chicks in Vancouver, and because of this, the two spent a lot of time indoors watching ice-skating on TV. So, they fleshed out a storyline, looping in Cox’s brother, Jeff Cox, to nail down a script. The thing is, as Philipps recalls, once the script was done, the brothers allegedly decided to cut Philipps out of the equation and sell it themselves. 

Not cool, dudes.

“I had a hard time recovering,” Philipps writes in This Will Only Hurt a Little. “It wasn’t the script. It was that I’d been so easily thrown out, like trash. I was in the way of their success, I guess? Collateral damage. And in order for them to do this insanely shitty thing to me, they vilified me and told me I was crazy.”

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But Philipps also reveals that she got a boost of confidence from none other than Poehler following the ordeal. She writes, “Amy Poehler grabbed me. ‘Girl,’ she said. ‘Seth Meyers told me the story of what those dudes did. FUCK ‘EM! You rock and are so talented. Come here! Sit at our table!” 

Among Philipps’ other anecdotes, according to Entertainment Tonight, are tales of meeting Courtney Love in the most Courtney Love way, being bolstered by Lady Gaga after the 2016 election, the truth about Chad Michael Murray, how Sharon Stone predicted her success and more. But all things considered, this anecdote in particular might just be our fave.

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