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Olivia Munn Is Very Into the Idea of a This Is Us Cameo — & So Are We

If Chrissy Metz has it her way, This Is Us will be getting a very special guest star very soon: Olivia Munn. But could Munn make an appearance on the NBC drama anytime soon? Let’s examine the evidence.  

On Sunday, both Metz and Munn were honored at the first annual #GirlHero Award Luncheon at Beverly Hills’ SLS Hotel — Metz for being an outspoken advocate for body positivity and Munn for speaking out against a sex offender being cast in the film Predator (in which she stars). 

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While at the event, Metz couldn’t contain her excitement at the idea of Munn making a cameo on This Is Us. “Oh, my God, cutesies!” she told Entertainment Tonight in regard to the idea. 

Metz said her “wheels are turning” trying to figure out a way they could write Munn into the Pearson family (or at least on the fringe of it). “I mean, I can’t tell you [how it could work] because then it would give too much away about what’s about to happen.” 

Still, it’s obvious Metz would happily bring Munn into the fold, and we’re not mad at that one bit. The feeling is mutual too. “I would love that! I’m a huge fan of that show and of Chrissy’s, so I’ll do anything with Chrissy,” Munn gushed.

She even came up with a plan B in case the This Is Us cameo doesn’t come to fruition. “We can just do our own movie,” she suggested. Netflix, are you listening?! 

But, logistically, would this work? Could Munn squeeze a guest appearance into her schedule? After all, she’s already worked with Metz’s on-screen brother, Sterling K. Brown (in the aforementioned Predator). 

While we’re holding out hope, it seems dubious. 

In addition to her role on the TV series Six, Munn is currently filming a TV series called The Rook, which is slated for release in 2019. She also has three movies in various stages of production: The Buddy Games, Violet and Die in a Gunfight

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But hey, perhaps she’ll have an opening in 2019. By then, maybe Metz will have figured out the perfect way to incorporate a character played by Munn. What better way to kick off the new year than with two of our favorite girl heroes hanging out on-screen together? 

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