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Drake Is Totally Fanboying Out Over Adele Coming to His Show

While plenty of celebrities name-drop Drake as a favorite artist, one famous fan in particular rattles the rapper: Adele. After finding out the British songstress attended his concert in Los Angeles on Friday, Drake proceeded to freak out. And, really, can you blame him? 

Drake’s fanboy sesh began when Adele took to Twitter to express her appreciation for the rapper’s show. 

“Oii Champagne Papi [Drake’s Instagram handle] blew my mind tonight! Best production I’ve seen hands down and way up there with one of my favorite shows of all time. Huge love,” she wrote, capping off the tweet with a heart emoji. 

And Drake, well, responded in kind.

“Oiiiiiii don’t fucking get me gassed right now I love this woman and she came to the show,” he gushed, adding, “Thank god nobody told me I would have been SHOOK.” 

We can agree that Drake is all of us in this moment, right? 

Of course, it’s worth pointing out that Drake wasn’t the only one affected by his superfan status. Adele couldn’t contain her respect for the rapper, as is evident by her post. Even more precious? This isn’t the first time these two have sung each other’s praises. 

In 2015, Adele joked that she wanted to do a remix of Drake’s mega-hit “Hotline Bling,” featuring her. “I really want us to do an official remix. I love Drake. I love Drake so much. I even got the coat that’s in the video, I got it delivered the other day, I ordered it. The red one,” she told eTalk

Drake responded by telling media in Toronto, “I’d do anything for Adele. I’d literally go to Adele’s house right now and do laundry for her.” 

Naturally, the world is now officially on Drake/Adele duo watch following this second social media love exchange. 

Outside of the musical realm, though, Drake’s been doing some additional raving. On Friday, he was featured on LeBron James’ new unscripted HBO series The Shop and gushed about his 1-year-old son, Adonis.

“[He has] crazy blue eyes — baby blue eyes,” Drake said, noting, “He’s already in the pool shooting basketball.” 

While Drake admits he and Adonis’ mother, French artist Sophie Brussaux, have had their struggles, he also has praise for her. 

“No matter what happens, I have unconditional love for the mother of my child because I want him to love his mother and I have to protect that energy,” Drake told James. 

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