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Josh Radnor’s First Grey’s Anatomy Episode Got Mixed Reviews From Fans

Grey’s Anatomy is officially back for its historic 15th season, and things kicked off with a rather awkward blind date between Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) and new guy John (guest star Josh Radnor, from How I Met Your Mother). Fan reactions to the episode were mixed, but one thing is for sure: Casting Radnor certainly prompted conversation.

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Here’s what happened, as reported by Us Weekly: Meredith agreed to a totally blind date (as in, no preview photos) set up by a matchmaker patient. She met up with John at a restaurant, and the pair had some decent first-date conversation before he realized he was actually supposed to be on a blind date with someone else — who was across the restaurant with Meredith’s original match, and the two of them were apparently hitting it off. Weird, but OK. However, the date took a turn for the worse when John said that single moms make dating difficult because they’re “desperate.”

Meredith, a mother of three, obviously left.

Ahead of the episode airing on Thursday, Radnor quote-tweeted a fan who said (jokingly, we hope), “You break her heart, I’ll break your neck.” Radnor quipped, “Terrified to let you all know I’ll be on Grey’s Anatomy tonight.”

Several fans saw similarities between John and Radnor’s character on HIMYM, Ted Mosby. One fan wrote, “Me: sees Josh Radnor playing Meredith’s love interest in @GreysAnatomy. Me: immediately thinks of a Grey’s Anatomy and a How I Met Your Mother crossover. What are you doing Ted you’re supposed to be with Robin.”

Some fans were into the comparison, like the person who tweeted, “Josh Radnor’s character on Grey’s Anatomy is literally Ted Mosby all over again and I love it.”

Others were less impressed. One fan said, “I heard Josh Radnor’s voice on tonight’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy and had to pause it and prepare myself to keep watching. As little as I like her, Meredith Grey deserves better than Ted Mosby.”

Another fan even compared Radnor’s character to arguably the worst love interest ever from Sex and the City: “I feel like Josh Radnor’s character on Grey’s Anatomy is gonna end up being the Jack Berger of Meredith’s relationship history.”

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Given how awkwardly their date ended, it’s doubtful that Radnor will be back for another episode of Grey’s Anatomy. We’d bet money that the fans who were unhappy to see him in the premiere won’t have to worry about a repeat appearance — although anything is possible in this series. This season is supposedly all about Meredith finding love, so we can’t help but wonder who will win her over.

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