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Kristen Bell & Dax Shepard Slam Star Magazine Over Rumors About Their Sex Life

Here’s how you know you’ve messed with the wrong Hollywood power couple: when your email about their supposed sex life ends up on both their Instagram accounts with their celebrity friends weighing in on the nonsense. When Dax Shepard got an email from a reporter at Star allegedly requesting a comment from his wife, Kristen Bell, on their sex life, he shut it down — publicly.

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According to Entertainment Tonight, on Thursday, Shepard received an email from the tabloid newspaper Star that read, “Star is working on a story in which a source says that Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard have discussed having a threesome and toyed with other kinky things, like S&M and role playing. Sources say that Kristen believes this is insurance against marital meltdown.” The writer requested that if Shepard or Bell wanted to comment, they had until 12 p.m. Thursday to do so.

Shepard opted to post a screenshot of the email on Instagram, not to kink-shame, but to reflect on the absurdity of a possible “marital meltdown.” He wrote, “The only offensive thing about this bullshit story is that @kristenanniebell isn’t doing all this kinkiness out of horniness, but rather a desperate attempt to save her marriage. I think we all know Bell is a lot more gangster than that.” He added, “I’ll now give you until 4PM to comment, Star.

Bell later reposted the screenshot with Shepard’s caption. She added her own comment as well: “Id [sic] love to comment, but its hard to talk with this ball gag in!”

Meanwhile, per ET, the couple’s friend, fellow actor David Harbour, waded into the comments on Shepard’s original post. Harbour wrote, “Can we role play that I’m the publicist that sent this and you guys come to my house really mad but then we wind up in a threesome? Dialog is up for grabs, just a general structure. We probably need a third act too where we go on an adventure to solve climate change together to make it really sing for me, but it’s a start.”

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This is hardly the first time that Shepard and Bell have had to shut down comments about their marriage in the press. As recently as September, Shepard defended Bell for occasionally vaping marijuana around him even though he’s 14 years sober. These two tend to keep things pretty real from what we can tell, and while we can’t possibly know what goes on behind the scenes, their relationship seems solid. So perhaps the tabloids can back off for a bit.

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