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Grey’s Anatomy Casts HIMYM Star Josh Radnor as Meredith’s New Love Interest

Prepare for the pseudo-crossover you’ve always needed (but never actually knew), Grey’s fans! We’re all apparently about to meet Meredith’s new love interest, and it’s a familiar face. We’re not talking about DeLuca, either. Here’s a hint: How I Met Your Mother fans will go gaga over this news. 

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That’s right — according to People, HIMYM’s Josh Radnor (aka Ted Mosby) is Mer’s new McBoyfriend. 

Radnor’s schedule recently opened up after the NBC series Rise, in which he played lead Lou Mazzuchelli, was canceled earlier this year following its freshman season. Prior to that, he starred in the PBS period drama Mercy Street, which met its untimely end after only two seasons. 

But, as they say, everything happens for a reason, and we’re inclined to believe that reason is letting fans experience the sheer joy of watching Ted Mosby court Meredith Grey. 

Of course, the timing is perfect since everyone’s favorite dark and twisty doctor is finally ready to open herself up to a new relationship. So much so, in fact, that she hired a patient-slash-matchmaker to help her. 

Thanks to sultry teaser trailers prior to the start of the season in which Meredith as having, ahem, sexy dreams, fans believed she might wind up in a relationship with her sister Maggie’s ex, DeLuca. Really, the show continues to tease a possible Meredith-DeLuca love connection with awkward exchanges and flirty glances. 

But could that actually work? The jury’s still out. DeLuca somehow seems too familiar or too… something. Radnor, on the other hand, is fresh meat. And if the promo for this week’s episode is any indication, we may be meeting his character sooner rather than later. 

In the short clip, Meredith arrives at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital looking chic and put-together in a taupe trench coat, heels and makeup with her hair down. 

“What happened? Are you going to a funeral?” Amelia asks. “What’s wrong with you? You look weird,” says Alex. Leave it to the ever-cerebral Maggie to be the first to figure it out, though. “Oh my god, you have a date.” 

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However, Meredith won’t reveal a photo of her mystery date to her friends (and family). Not because she’s ashamed or embarrassed — but because she doesn’t have one. As she explains, her matchmaker prefers for people to meet as they would in real life, with “no preconceived notions.”

Naturally, this also means that we can’t be sure of the secret suitor’s identity just yet. That doesn’t stop us from hoping, though! The sooner Radnor arrives on the scene, the better.

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