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Jennifer Garner Is Reportedly Dating Again but Keeping It Quiet

Mama Garner is movin’ on. After (finally) finalizing her divorce from Ben Affleck earlier this week, Jennifer Garner has, according to People magazine, reportedly rejoined the dating scene. While it’s been three years since Garner and Affleck announced they were separating, Garner only just filed a request last week to expedite the divorce.

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And per People’s sources, the move has given Garner the push to put herself out there romantically. 

“Jen has been wanting to move on and now when the divorce is finalized, she finally can,” said one of the sources, adding, “She has had no choice but to be patient since Ben needed to finish his rehab treatment. But she was ready to sign the papers.” 

Now that Affleck has transitioned from inpatient treatment to outpatient, Garner reportedly feels confident enough in his sobriety and where she is personally to begin venturing out. 

“Jen doesn’t want to be single for the rest of her life, so she is open to dating. She has been on dates, but it seems she isn’t serious about a guy. As always, she is mostly focused on her kids and her job,” an insider told People

However, where Garner is in her newfound dating life is up for debate. According to an Us Weekly source, Garner has officially “starting dating someone new” and is “ready to start the next phase of her life.” 

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On Friday, Affleck spent five hours at Garner’s house as they finalized the details of their divorce, confirmed People. The pair worked with lawyers and a private judge to hammer out the terms. 

Despite the fact that the former couple’s marriage is now definitively over, Garner and Affleck remain, as always, committed to amicably co-parenting Violet, 12, Seraphina, 9, and Samuel, 6. 

“They’re on the same page with giving the kids the best possible life,” said Us Weekly’s source. “They want to be the best coparents they can be.” 

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