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How Beth’s This Is Us Season 3 Storyline Will Show Fans a Whole New Side of Her

If you haven’t seen it yet, the women of This Is Us are Glamour’s November cover stars, and during Susan Kelechi Watson’s interview with the magazine, she dropped a Beth season three spoiler.

Warning: Spoilers from last night’s This Is Us episode ahead.

According to Watson, the third season will bring Beth’s dance background to light. As she told Glamour, “I feel like she’s going to start a community project that’s based on one of her artistic passions. She also has a background in dance, which you’ll see this season.”

Whether or not the “community project” will involve dance remains unknown, but fans can definitely look forward to seeing a side of Beth they’ve never seen before. It’s unclear if we’ll actually get to see Beth dance, but let’s hope we do. 

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Have you seen Watson bust a move? She definitely knows what she’s doing. In July, as part of the #InMyFeelings challenge, Sterling K. Brown shared a video on Instagram of the TV couple dancing to Drake’s “In My Feelings.”

If you haven’t seen the video, you need to watch it, stat. They are both very good dancers, but Watson’s dancing skills really stand out. 

You can watch them in action here:

As revealed in last night’s episode, Beth lost her job, so she’s certainly going to have more time on her hands. Knowing her, she’ll probably be looking for her next passion to pursue, which may or may not involve dance. 

Her dance background could also bring Beth and Déjà closer together. As showcased this season, Déjà was on the drill team at her old school and even started to step with Sky, the daughter of William’s old friend, Chi Chi. Maybe Beth and Déjà will bond over dance?

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Her dancing abilities could also come into play during this season’s Beth-centric episode. That’s right, there will be an episode revolving around the character, which could even reveal Beth’s dance background.

Brown opened up to TheWrap in September about Beth’s standalone episode and dished, “It’s really good and you get a real wonderful sense of, like, how she came up. Like Beth as a young girl. What her passions were and how they sort of shifted over time. Yeah, it’s great.” dance become a permanent part of Beth’s life or is it something from her past? Either way, knowing her dance background may soon come to light is truly exciting.

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