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Pink’s Best Mom Moments so Far, as Told on Instagram

Pink has 5 million Instagram followers — and it’s not just because the pop star can sing like a beautiful badass angel. In addition to her amazing music career and enviable rocker style, Pink is the mom to two kids, 7-year-old Willow Sage and 2-year-old Jameson Moon. 

Unlike many celebrity parents, who tend to paint a picture of perfect parenthood, Pink and her motocross racer husband Carey Hart share the good and the bad, the easy and the difficult, when it comes to raising their kiddos in the limelight. Let’s take a look of some of Pink’s best parenting moments, as captured on Instagram

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1. She stays active with her kids — right down to BMX biking

We love Pink’s energy — and her willingness to jump into things even if they seem a little scary. We also love that she encourages healthy risk-taking and adventure in her kids, like when she signed them up for a good old BMX bike race — and stayed right by her daughter’s side.

2. She shows us that traveling with kids is just as tough as it seems

Traveling with kids when you are stinking rich couldn’t possibly be as hard has traveling with a normal budget, right? Well, Pink is here to let you know that even if you are a superstar, traveling can be extremely tough when you have two kids under 10. In her words, not ours, it’s a “total shit show.”

3. She juggles work & parenting like it’s no biggie

When Pink was preparing for her “Beautiful Trauma” tour earlier this year, it involved a lot of physical work and a lot of practice — enough that anyone would be stressed out. But add this job on top of mothering two young kids, and you have to have superhero strength. We love how she manages to balance work and motherhood (or at least how she endures the juggling act with grace and a good sense of humor). Here, she’s literally balancing the two as she executes a dance move with the extra weight of Willow on her back.

4. She shares her incredible style with her daughter

One of the joys of having kids is teaching them about your favorite things. Pink’s daughter is lucky to have a punk mom to help her stay cool in all the ways — starting with a very signature hair color for the family. We can’t wait until Jameson is old enough to start experimenting with style too.

5. She’s a multitasking hero 24-7 (& we’re in awe)

Pink got a lot of heat for sharing this 2017 picture of her being a multitasking genius who cooks a healthy dinner while her kids run around the kitchen. Some followers thought the kids were in danger — of falling or getting burned. But many moms saw themselves reflected in Pink, doing everything she can to care for her kids while providing for them at the same time. Our only question: Who is taking this picture? Give Pink a hand!

6. She lets her kids play the drums 

Only the very best moms on the planet let their kids play a drum set. We love that she does it, but drum sets are not allowed in our houses.

7. She’s always honest about car rides with toddlers

Is there anything more terrifying than a long car ride with a toddler? Pink feels our pain and isn’t afraid to be honest about it on social media. She’s also not afraid to admit that long car rides are so much easier with headphones, snacks and screens.

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8. She’s cool with letting Willow ride her bike indoors 

We’ve all be there. We’re tired. We need a break. And the kids just want to play. In this Instagram shot, Pink is all mothers who have ever sort of just given up and looked at their phone while their child roams free. Yep — there’s Willow riding her bike naked in the house without a helmet while Pink takes a needed break from the helm. We have been there, and we salute you.

9. She normalizes breastfeeding

Pink reminds us it’s not weird to breastfeed in public. This sweet snap she took while breastfeeding Jameson was not only a peek into her life as a mom to a newborn, but it’s also a good reminder that breastfeeding is natural and normal.

10. She captures the perfect moment of being a human pillow

Moms do a lot of things well, but perhaps our biggest and best job is human pillow. Here’s Pink on full pillow duty not long after the birth of Jameson. And we’ve all been there. And we sort of love it.

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Pink might be the perfect celebrity mom. She inspires us to do better, but she also reminds us that we’re doing the best we can. Please keep it up, Pink, and please keep sharing your best (and worst) motherhood moments on Instagram. 

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