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Taylor Kinney Praises Lady Gaga’s Star Is Born Success in a Beautiful Way

These two are no longer engaged, but it appears there isn’t any bad blood between the exes. In several new interviews, Taylor Kinney praised Lady Gaga for her role in A Star Is Born and the success the film has received so far.

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On Saturday, he was at the Carousel of Hope Ball, where he and his fellow Chicago Fire actors had an item up for auction to raise money for the Childhood Diabetes Foundation. There, he gushed to Entertainment Tonight about Gaga’s performance, saying, “I’ll tell you that I’m really proud. I don’t know. It’s watching someone live their dream, so, continued success and I hope it keeps climbing. The sky is the limit.”

He also told ET, “No, there was no glass ceiling. Ever! She’s always inspiring and I really do — I hope it does really well, and I know it’ll mean the world to her that I think everybody is receptive and yeah, I wish her the best.”

Kinney also spoke with Us Weekly about Gaga, and again, he had nothing but supportive words for the singer. “I couldn’t be more proud,” he said on Sunday. Kinney also admitted he hadn’t seen the film directed by and also starring Bradley Cooper, but he already knows the movie is amazing.

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“I know what went into it, it’s been a long time coming … It’s been years … to see what people go through to be in that, you can kind of let the masses make decisions,” he said. “But I think I know in my heart it’s gonna be great. And I know that she gave her all.”

Kinney also spoke of Cooper and told Us Weekly, “I met Bradley and I know that she was in good hands. I know it’s his directorial debut and I wish all of them the best. I hope it really does really well.”
This isn’t the first time Kinney’s beamed with pride over Gaga and her achievements since they split in 2016 after five years together.

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While discussing A Star Is Born, he told ET in September 2018 of Gaga’s latest accomplishment, “Proud. Only proud. I want it to do really, really well.”

Kinney’s praise for Gaga is not only amazing, it’s refreshing. Even though they are no longer romantically involved, he clearly still wants her to succeed in life and her career. Despite what many people might think, exes don’t need to be at odds. His support for Gaga is truly beautiful.

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